Wise County Youth Basketball: Welcome

Wednesday, November 25

**WCYB is currently working through a few errors for both 5th and 6th girls divisions. Please check back for further revisions to the December Master Schedule. Changes will be kept to a minimum and often involve only a slight time change from the original schedule. Rather than posting small revisions every day or two...we'll wait until all coaches, towns, etc. have had a few days to thorougly vet the schedule and then post updates toward the end of Thanksgiving weekend.** 

The 1st-4th and 5th-6th-select OFFICIAL Master Schedule for DECEMBER ONLY is now available for download (click here for download page). Most teams will play multiple games/day at least one Saturday in December. Be sure you don't miss an early gametime. 

Games begin Saturday, December 5.

If there are any conflicts, omissions, or catastrophic errors please notify your town commissioner/contact.

Thanks and good luck this season!! 


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 2015-2016 WCYB 1st-4th Grade Rules

2015-2016 WCYB 5th-6th Grade Rules