Wise County Youth Basketball: Welcome

Friday, February 21
Team Photos from Championship Day Tournaments are available on www.facebook.com/WiseCountyYouthBasketball

Division Champion Runner-up 3rd Place 4th Place
5th Girls Poolville Bridgeport Walsh Bridgeport Tyson/Ingram Springtown Winstead
6th Girls Boyd Harrell Paradise Ford Decatur Ochoa Bridgeport McComis
5th Boys Boyd Wacasey Alvord Silletti Springtown Croft Paradise Meals
6th Boys Bridgeport Cowling Bridgeport Phillips Paradise Ishmael Springtown Terry

3rd and 4th Championship Day

15-Feb-2014       Bridgeport Middle School

8:30 AM               3rd Girls 3rd Place Game              VCA (15) defeated Alvord (13)

9:30 AM               3rd Boys 3rd Place Game           Paradise (30) defeated Chico (10)

10:30 AM             3rd Girls Championship Game     Paradise Gonzalez (13) defeated Paradise Holt (12)

11:30 AM             3rd Boys Championship Game    Alvord (25) defeated Paradise (20)

1:00 PM                4th Girls 3rd Place Game           Alvord (12) defeated Bridgeport (8)

2:00 PM                4th Girls Championship Game      Paradise defeated Bridgeport

3:00 PM                4th Boys 3rd Place Game               Boyd defeated Paradise

4:00 PM                4th Boys Championship Game     Bridgeport Horton (22) defeated Bridgeport Velasquez (12)


To download the file containing all 4 tournament brackets for 3rd and 4th grade divsions, click here.

For 5th and 6th grade, one-day Championship Tournaments will be on February 15. For unofficial game times for post-season tournaments, please click here. Official brackets will be available for download on Tuesday.

Click on the Handouts link to the left for 2013-2014 Rules and Schedules (or click HERE for the schedule).


To all Coaches, Parents, and Fans:

        Looking ahead to next season, Wise County Youth Basketball (WCYB)  is exploring the feasibility of offering competitive (select)  divisions in addition to the current recreational divisions. In recent years, several neighboring communities have expressed interest in adding both competitive (select) and recreational teams to the WCYB league. Additionally, a growing number of Wise County parents and players are choosing Metroplex competitive leagues rather than the current recreational leagues offered by WCYB. There is a great opportunity to  improve and expand the WCYB league.

        WCYB would like input from parents and coaches who are or have been part of the WCYB league AND those who have or are currently traveling to play in Metroplex leagues.  Any and all comments are welcome. Over the course of this season, please feel free to provide comments and suggestions through your town commissioner or email me directly at gilbert.horton@yahoo.com.


Gilbert Horton, WCYB