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Wednesday, October 10
Twister Batting Helmets

Get your own custom Twisters Batting Helmet!




The price for a completely finished NEW helmet is $65.00  This includes the helmet, mask, Twister sticker, name, number on both sides, and shipping. For $20 you can have the Twister sticker, name, and number on both sides added to your own existing helmet. Twister stickers are also available for $3.00. (They can be put on school folders, bags, etc… ) Please contact Rick Ballew if you are interested.

rballew@neo-brake.com 1-414-704-0290

Proceeds from sales will go towards the Leo T. Jackson Scholarship Fund.

Make Checks Payable TO: Rick Ballew 

ORDER DEADLINE: February 14th, 2014  

**Helmet Orders For 2014 can also be placed at the Holiday Party in January.

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