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The postings of Camps and Clinics on our website is intended as an informational resource for our players (We do not endorse any one camp over another). Camps and clinics are not required, but we encourage all of our players to take advantage of the many additional training oppotunities available to them. Local Colleges generally hold Camps and Clinics in the fall and winter months through February. 

SUMMER Softball Camp July 2015

Camp web site: http://www.go-raiders.com/camps_clinics/summer_softball_camp

Dates: Week 1 - July 6-9, 2015 Week 2 - July 13-16, 2015 Week 3 - July 20-23, 2015

Time: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Grade: 3 - 12

     Please feel free to contact me with any questions and thanks for your support. Marcus Wenzel MSOE Head Softball Coach 414-241-6444 wenzel@msoe.edu www.msoe.edu www.go-raiders.com

WINTER Softball Camp January  2016


Youth Camp
Grades 3-9


 February 2016

Advanced Camp
Grades 6-12


February  2016

Elite Camp
Grades 9-12

      Hitting and Infield     8:30am-11:30am
   Pitching and Catching    12:30pm-3:30pm

Link for more info:  

Tuesday, June 23
Carroll University

Carroll University Summer Camp


Carroll University Summer Defensive camp will be held on ~ 

Saturday, August 22 at Carroll University’s Kilgour Fiel

For more information, and to easily register, please visit www.piocamps.com

Amy Gradecki Head Softball Coach 

Carroll University Cell: 262-271-0830 agradeck@carrollu.edu

Facebook at Carroll University Softball

Twitter @Piosoftball Instagram at Piosoftball pioneer_pete1


Tuesday, June 23


JENNIE FINCH is coming to Wisconsin!

September 26th and 27th ~ 2 DAY CAMP 

Impact Sports (located in Menomonee Falls, WI) decided the level of opportunity for softball in our area was lacking and jumped at the opportunity to host Jennie Finch and 7 of her teammates for a very special Jennie Finch Softball Camp! Jennie will be putting on a two day camp in Southeastern Wisconsin! It will be an amazing opportunity for the girls to learn from one of the best of our time!  

Discounts are also offered for teams or groups of 10 or more girls.

Register at www.jenniefinch.com


University of Wisconsin
Badgers FALL Softball Camps


 September , 2015


 September , 2015








Chalk Talk     



Chalk Talk     








Link for more info & brochures:

Fall Softball Camp

 Hitting / Offensive Camp
Grades 6-8

September  2015


Link for more info / registration: 


Fall Fastpitch Camps


All Skills Camp


 Elite Softball Camp


September 2015


September , 2015


1:00pm - 5:00pm


Defensive Skills






Offensive Skills 






Advanced Pitching


Link for more info / registration: 

N.B. Eisenhower Fastpitch presents:
Softball Clinics featuring
UW Badgers Coach Randy Schneider

October 18, 2014

 Coaches Clinic  

8:00am - 10:00am

 Hitting Clinic
(Grades 4-8)


10:15am - 12:15pm

 Hitting Clinic
(Grades 9-12)


12:30pm - 2:30pm

Links for forms:
Coaches Clinic
Hitting Clinic

Lakeland College
Muskie Softball Camps

 October 25, 2014

          November 22, 2014          

 January 17, 2015

Session 1   Pitching & Catching   Session 1  Offense   Session 1    Pitching & Catching
Session 2   Chalk Talk   Session 2  Defense   Session 2   Chalk Talk
Session 3   Offense         Session 3   Offense
Session 4   Defense         Session 4   Defense

Brochure / Registration Form

Softball Academy

 December 6, 2014  


  December 13, 2014

 Session 1  

Pitching / Catching


Session 4 

 Hitting Gr 1-6 

 Session 2  



Session 5 

Hitting Gr 7-12

 Session 3  





Link for more info, brochure, and registration: 

* Be sure to note Twister alum Ashley Lobraco on your registration form
to help her raise money for spring training in Arizona this season. 

Beloit College
Buccaneer Softball Clinics

 January 25, 2015


February 8, 2015


 February 2015

  1:00pm - 4:00pm   Gr 3-7  12:30pm - 3:00pm   Gr 3-7   12:30pm - 3:00pm
     Gr 8-12  3:15pm - 5:45pm   Gr 8-12  3:15pm - 5:45pm

More Info / Beloit College Softball Website

Warhawk Softball Clinics

 Hitting Clinic 


 February 21, 2015 

 Pitching Clinic


 February 28, 2015

Link for more info & brochure: 

Catchers One on One Training

Attached is a flyer from our 1st team All Conference Player, All Star Player, and select 12 from Wisconsin participant for Battle of the Borders; Alecia Faber.

She will be offering catching lessons to any and all players that are interested in getting to the next level or want to become a catcher and give it a try.

Alecia is an accomplished and highly recognized catcher in the State of Wisconsin by her peers, coaches and softball associates. Send onto anyone you may know who is interested and get the word out on this amazing opportunity that she is providing for our youth.


Flyer: Catching with Alecia

Lindsay Jones
Lindsay Jones

Wisconsin Twisters Proudly Support~

Lindsay Jones has been working in conjunction with the Twisters and many youth from the surrounding Southeast Wisconsin area for many years. This is a great opportunity for our young pitchers, current pitchers and those who would like to get a taste of pitching for the first time. Some highlights on Lindsay Jones career:

~ Graduated From University of Delaware

~Pitched 4 years University of Delaware

~Freshman University of Delaware Pitcher of the Year

~1st Team All Area and All State Athlete of the Year

~Lowest ERA in CAA Conference

~Top Ten Female Athlete of the Year

~Instructional Pitching 10 Years, Played 18Years

To contact Lindsay:

You may find Lindsay arround the Twisters at anytime, if you do... say Hi!

We would like to thank to Lindsay Jones and the Wisconsin Twisters for giving their time to continue helping our area ballplayers improve their skills year after year! 


TO ALL TWISTER PITCHERS AND PLAYERS: On The Rise Fastpitch Information

UPDATE AS OF MARCH 2014! Hello all,

1. By request I have put together a Spring Session of lessons. 5 lessons for only $105. Monday - Roscoe Tuesday - West Allis Wednesday - Lake Mills Thursday - Madison Because I lose students to the spring softball season, I do not expect to fill up, but in case I am wrong, it will be based on a first come first serve system. Returners over new students... Just as before, please don't count on a makeup lesson if you have to miss one. If there is an open spot I can notify you, but as you can see you may need to drive to do so.

2. I have many requests for private lessons. I do not travel for private lessons. When it warms up and the field is not under a bed of snow I hold them on a field off the beltline in Madison. I will put "PRIVATE LESSONS AVAILABLE" on my home page calendar on the days I am available when I am quite sure I don't have to wear 3 layers.

3. I have added a product page to my website. There you will see a few of the products I use in class. Everything I use is available for purchase or you can actually make some of it yourself! --

Roanna Brazier On The Rise Fastpitch roanna@otrfastpitch.com www.otrfastpitch.com 615-772-1648

Greetings Twister Athletes:
My name is Roanna Brazier from On The Rise Fasptpitch. I have started a program for pitching development.  I have been in Division 1 coaching for 19 years and have just recently decided to venture out of the college ranks and start a developmental program.  It involves learning in all seasons.  The fall session will focus of mechanics, speed, pitch learning, spins and spin speeds.  The 2nd session will start in January and end prior to the start of most spring seasons.  That session will focus on location, moving the ball in and out of the zone, learning to pitch to batters, making adjustments in games etc... 

Currently I have sites in New London, Edgerton, Waunakee, Kenosha and Platteville. I am currently looking and hoping to have a site in the Madison area soon.  I  also plan on adding a site in the Western  part of the state.
Check out my website,
www.otrfastpitch.com.  My bio and more information on the lessons are there.  You may have some pitchers interested.  I do offer hitting, catching and defense as well, but my expertise is in pitching.  The fall session starts soon.

Good Luck in your upcoming season and I hope to be of some assistance!

Roanna Brazier
On The Rise Fastpitch

Burlington Community Education
Fastpitch School (Pitching Lessons)

October 4, 2014 - December 20, 2014


 Intermediate / High School (Gr 7-10) 


 High School (Gr 9-12)


 Beginner / 1st year (Gr 4-8)


 Beginner / Intermediate (Gr 4-8)


Link for progam and registration info:  


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