WISCONSIN TWISTERS: About the Twisters

~Welcome to the Wisconsin Twisters 2016~
The Wisconsin Twisters would like to thank all the parents, players, coaches, board members for making the Twisters one of a kind. We have a fantastic group of athletes that work hard year round, coaches that guide them and parents that support them. We are so excited to have everyone on board and have an amazing season. To keep yourself updated, please have our website handy and check on a regular basis for important information throughout the season.  
We welcome all new players and welcome back our returning players for yet another exciting season of fastpitch softball.
All Events, Information, 2016 Fees, Tournaments, League Play, Teams, Coaches, Practices, Uniforms, Spirit Wear, Website, Goals, Guidelines, Parent Representative Information and everything you want to know about the Wisconsin Twister Organization will be discussed at Player/Parent Meeting Date: Saturday October 3rd, 2015 Time: 4:30 Arrival-5:00 Start 
Holiday Parety Date: Saturday January 23rd, 2016 Time: 4:30 Arrival-5:00 Start
Please, if you cannot attend, please contact your team parent representative or coach.  


~THANK YOU FAMILIES~Saturday, October  3rd, 2015 

Twisters Player and Parent Meeting: Time: 4:30pm Arrival ~ 5:00pm Start 

All Twister Players and Parents:
Twisters Final Paper Work is Due at this meeting if not turned in previously for 2016 Season

Bring with you 3 Copies of Birth Cetificate
Meet and Greet Current and New Players
Spirit Wear and New Spirit Wear Presented
Uniform Sizing and Numbers for New Players if not given yet

Food, Water and Coffee Supplied By the Wisconsin Twisters ~ Soda available at bar.

150.00 Deposit Due at time of contract signing and before play/practice. Total amount of Deposit/Installment of 250.00 Due by October 3RD. All Fees and final payments  must be paid by Feb. 1st.   Payment plans are available. **contact Debbie



We will be discussing:

Team Fees Installments/Deposits  must be paid to receive uniforms at Holiday Party.

Winter Practices BEGIN JANUARY 

Winter Tournaments/Fall Tourneys/Fall Ball OPTIONAL FOR TEAMS


Summer Tournaments TO BE POSTED ON TEAM PAGE DUGOUTS       

Twister Player/Parent Paperwork, Code of Conduct, Social Media

Winter/Summer Events ~ Holiday Party, End of Season Picnic, Twister Night Out Events, Clinics/Camps, Tournaments, Holiday Party,  Community Outreach, Harvest Fest Days UG, etc..

Website Highlights: Website Adm: Send to John Lewandowski jjlski@msn.com

Website Assistant: DiAnna Johnson: witwisters12u@yahoo.com     

Sponsorship Contact Chris Baumgartner, Steve Baumgartner

Parent Representatives : Kristy Boyle

Volunteer Hours for families OTAC Spaghetti Dinner, Kiwanis Booth,  Twister Tournaments

Introduce Coaches and Teams

Highlight Outlook for 2016 Season

It is extemely important for everyone to attend this informational meeting. 

South Hills Country Club

 3047 E Frontage Rd, Franksville, WI
Get Directions southhillscc.com

If families need payment plans for 2016 fees:
 After 1st deposit is made, payments may be discussed and set up for remainder of fees.
Please contact:
 DiAnna Johnson  witwisters12u@yahoo.com
Debbie Mikolajczyk debeatle@aol.com 
All fees may be mailed to:
Debbie Mikolajczyk 
4650 West 7Mile Road
Caledonia WI 53108
From Your Treasurer:
Welcome back all to another year of Wisconsin Twister Fastpitch!  We are all so excited to have you back, or welcome you to your first year and hope that you are equally anxious to get the year started.
There will probably be a few additional email reminders from some of our other directors/board members, but mine is short and specifically in regards to what you need to do,  if you cannot attend this meeting.  (:-[)You will need to try on or guess uniform sizes and get those to us before October.  You may want to try on a teammate's uniform - or find someone close in size and find out what they wear.
You will need to mail your deposit to:  Deb Mikolajczyk, 4650 W. 7 Mile Road, Caledonia, WI  53108 as soon as possible.
We don't order a uniform until that payment is made.  The initial deposit of $250.00 by parent meeting.   You also need to have all of you
r fees from 2015 and fall ball/deposits paid in full before a uniform or pieces will be ordered. It's important because the uniform or additional pieces will cost additional fees if we have to order them outside of the initial bulk quantities.  If you need to discuss payment plans or other issues, please feel free to call me and we will absolutely work something out.  It's important to hear from anyone who cannot be at this meeting.  You can either email me at: debeatle@aol.com or call me on 414-791-0417. 

And finally, we will miss seeing/meeting you!  We know that everyone has a very full and busy schedule this time of year,
and apologize if this didn't work into your calendar.  We have too many things to try and schedule in the fall as well, and between fall ball, high school and middle school events there is never a GOOD day for this event.
Your player handbooks will be given to either your coach(s) or parent rep(s) and they will get those to you. There may be paperwork you have not completed, and we ask that you check and fill out anything you know is missing, and then return to the coach/parent rep(s).  
Deb Mikolajczyk


Saturday January 23rd,  2016  

Twisters Holiday Party! January 23, 2016 4:30 Arrival ~ 5:00 Dinner

South Hills Country Club 4:30pm-9pm January 2rd
Girls Gifts, Uniforms and spirit wear distributed, 50/50 Raffle, Dinner, Soda, Music and Fun!!!! Many suprises to be announced.
We also will be handing out uniforms, spirit wear and other pieces of uniforms to all players. If you are unable to attend entire celebration, please try to make it for a short time and pick up your daughters Twister gift and all other items that will be distributed. Thank you

Additional Note: Please bring donation to Holiday Party for our Annual Food Drive. These may consist of toiletries, canned or packeged items. All donations will be given to our local food pantry. If you have any questions, please contact Evie Aponte ~ 262-488-0859 Evie Aponte <eviecuqui@yahoo.com>;

Additional Note: Please hand in your NFL Supermatch Money and Ticket Stubs. Raffle tickets deadline ~ Before Super Bowl !

 3047 E Frontage Rd, Franksville, WI Get Directions southhillscc.com


**Upcoming Events can be found on the FRONT page of website and Calendar. You will also find the roster for all 2016 Wisconsin Twister teams. The teams have been posted and will continue to be updated.  Your parent representative will provide a full roster with contact information to each family.

You will find your team "DUG OUT" page by clicking on side bar. Over the course of the season you will find tournament schedule and league schedule on these pages.  

Winter PRACTICES begin

Sunday Jan.10th@Raymond / SundayJanuary 3rd@UGHS 

UGHS HITTING CLINICS  Thursdays in February 2016

Thursday February 4th 6:30 - 7:30

 Thursday February 11th 6:30 - 7:30

 Thursday February 18th 6:30 - 7:30

    Thursday February 25th  6:30 - 7:30  


Wisconsin Twister Offers:

"Field of Play": Insurance coverage, ASA based organization, ASA Competitive Tournaments, Winter and Summer, College Exposure, State Class A/B, and MMFL League Play, scrimmages, indoor winter practices, summer practices. We offer a Scholarship ~ Leo T. Jackson College Fund

"Twister Events": Annual Holiday Party, Twisters End of Season Picnic, Twister clinics offered, specialty events, community outings, "Buddy Up" day, "Coach Craze" and much more. Many events for families and players to get involved on and off the field. We offer a knowledgeable coaching staff, Twister Board of Directors and Parent Representatives. 

2015/16 Uniforms/Fees
Returning Player and 10U: $425.00, New Player: $475.00



 Uniform socks

Personal Bat Pack/Bag

Loyalty Gifts for returning players

The Wisconsin Twisters enjoy hosting TWO ASA seasonal tournaments:

'Spring Fling' ~  'Fall Brawl'


e are a non-profit 501-3c volunteer organization and Our Twister Families are number one. Without them we would not be who we are today. We are proud to stand by our Mission Statement 

Our organization, coaches and "Twister" family welcome our returning players back and we look forward to having our new players and new "Twister" families on board.

We look forward to another great season and we welcome you!

DiAnna Johnson
2023 Raymond Avenue
Franksville WI 53126
Parents: This is an online raffle during the SUPERBOWL!! Please contact your coach for more details!!!
 Good luck to all participants!

For new families who have joined the Twisters recently, we offer Superbowl Match each year to help the organization raise funds to defray the cost of  fees and some of the expenses associated with summer tournaments.  This fundraiser also helps to fund our Leo T. Jackson Scholarship Award for our college bound athletes.

If interested, more information is available at www.charitymania.com 


Tickets are available from your coach during the run of raffle up to SuperBowl Date. Please turn in all sold or unsold tickets at Holiday Party or hand in at your teams practice.

****Any Questions contact Steve Baumgartner****



As we move into the warmer and sometimes colder months... We ask that all players adhere to a Dress Code. Ultimately we are to use practice to get better, if your clothing is not designed to do that...than you shouldn't wear it. Athletic wear will promote an athletic practice....UTILIZE YOUR TWISTER APPAREL ! :)

1. NO TANK TOPS will be worn for practice gear. Shoulders must be covered. Muscle shirts with cap sleeves are okay. No low cut shirts.

2. PROPER SHORTS - comfortable fitting athletic shorts, covering the thigh. No spandex.

3. GRAPHIC APPAREL - no clothes promoting vulgar or unbecoming theme/s.

Please come prepared for the weather. It changes quickly. Have proper shoes for running and on the diamonds. Always have a water bottle.

If you have any question on an item that you want to wear, ask your parent...they will make sure you are good to go! 

Monday, March 31
Volunteer Information -

The Wisconsin Twisters Fastpitch Softball Organization is a volunteer organization. To continue to foster the growth and existence of the organization we require that every family  volunteer a minimum of 9 hours per child for each season. More than 9 hours is always needed, welcomed and much appreciated. Volunteer hours can be split between any of our events throughout the year. Our fundraisers are Spring Fling ASA SCS Tournament, OTAC Spaghetti Dinner, Fall Brawl ASA Tournament, Kiwanis Fall Harvest Fair. With the participation from these events, brings us the ability to keep fees down, running of our organization and maintain our mission statement.  

Volunteer opportunities exist at every level of the organization. You will find our families that are invoved directly with the operation of the organization are present at each of these outings : Coaches, Managers, Directors, Parent Representatives, Board of Directors and Tournament Directors.

A complete listing of tasks available are as follows

OTAC Spaghetti Dinner (OTAC) Month of February Contact Kathy Sterling

Fall Harvest Festival (Kiwanis Booth) Month of September Contact DiAnna Johnson/Steve Peterson

Concession Stand (Twister Hosted Tournaments) Fall and Spring  Contact Kathy Sterling    

Tounament Field Preparation (Twister Hosted Tournaments) Contact Lou Aponte

Concession Director (Parents) Contact Evie Aponte

Tournament Clean Up or Set Up Crew  (Players and Parents)

Tournament Registration Director (Parents)

Tournament Deputy Directors (Parents)

Christmas Party Preparation Committee (Parents)

End Of Year Picnic Crew (Players and Parents)

Practice Clean Up (Players and Parents)

Practice Assistants (Parents)

Carpooling Crew (Parents)

We hope that all will take the opportunity to volunteer, get involved and have a great experience with your children and the organization. Team Parent Representatives have a sign up sheet available for you to mark down duties and hours. You will find this sheet at our Player/Parent Meeting or contact: Krisy Boyle or your Team Parent Representative.

Any questions regarding Volunteer Opportunites, please contact your parent representative or Coordinator Kristy Boyle boyles5@yahoo.com  

The WISCONSIN TWISTERS is a  501-3c organization and we are able to make great things happen by giving back to the community and building our community around us. Please look for "SIGN UP GENIUS" postings for easy access for volunteering. We thank you! DiAnna Johnson

Sunday, January 18
Twister Board, Coaches, Administrators

Wisconsin TWISTERS Board Members

Founder: Lou Aponte ~   262-488-0519   apontelou@aol.com 

President: DiAnna Johnson ~ 262-909-7262  witwisters12u@yahoo.com 

Vice President: Chrissy Baumgartner ~ 414-762-6994 mom17@icloud.com 

Treasurer/Founder: Deb Mikolajczyk ~  262-835-1156   debeatle@aol.com

Secretary: Kathy Sterling ~ 414-840-7903 sterling@arinet.com  witwisternews@yahoo.com

Parent Coordinator: Kristy Boyle  ~ 262-939-0001 boyles5@yahoo.com

Onsite Tournament Director: Todd Olle ~ 262-994-3471 rebel6893@yahoo.com

Onsite Tournament Director: Rosie Olle ~ 262-990-0320 rolle82397@sbcglobal.net

Advisor: Steve Baumgartner ~  414-405-6203 sbaumgartner5@wi.rr.com

Advisors: Evie Aponte ~ 262-488-0859 eviecuqui@yahoo.com Food Pantry Coordinator

Advisor: Glen Mikolajczyk ~ 414-791-0424   GlenMikol@aol.com

Advisor: TJ Pinkos ~  414-852-0494 tjpinkos@yahoo.com

Advisor: Amy Pinkos ~ 414-852-0423 ampinkos@wi.rr.com

Advisor: Ryan Boylen ~ 1-920-9494 ryanboylen@hotmail.com  Coach/Player Developement



Wisconsin TWISTERS Sponsor Committee Director

Chris Baumgartner ~ mom17@icloud.com ~ 414-762-6994

  Please contact board members if you are interested in helping out this season.


Wisconsin Twisters "Specialty Events"

DiAnna Johnson ~ witwisters12u@yahoo.com 

Wisconsin TWISTERS Coach/Player Director

Ryan Boylen ~ rboylen@hotmail.com

Wisconsin Twisters Annual "Harvest Days" Director

Steve Peterson 1-262-994-8225 speterson01@wi.rr.com 


Wisconsin Twisters Website

John Lewandowski jjlski@msn.com


Wisconsin TWISTERS Managers

 18U Todd Olle: 262-994-3471

16U/18U Callie Mikolacjzyk: 414-379-0089

16U TJ Pinkos: 414-852-0394

14U Brian Johnson: 262-995-3367 

14U Steve Newell: 262-497-7448

12U DiAnna Johnson: 262-909-7262

12U Lou Aponte: 262-488-0519

10U Tom Strunsee: 414-207-1248  


Wisconsin TWISTERS Coaching Staff


 18U Ike Connaugton: 

18U Alecia Eiben:

16U/18U Brandon Burt: 414-416-1409 

16U Aly Pinkos:

16U Amy Pinkos: 414-852-0423

14U Kevin Jankowski:414-333-4708

14U John Christeson: 262-857-4247

14U Scott Lofquist:262-939-9890

12U Sandy Caby:

12U Steve Baumgartner: 414-530-0579    

12U Dan Sadowski: 414-306-2936

12U Jessica Rothen: 262-412-6076

10U Shawn Feirer: 414-339-0225

10U Marlo Carpio: 414-975-0094

10U Jim Peltier:





14U Claire Baumgartner: 414-308-6018 College/Coaching/Platteville

12U Ashley Lobraco: 414-553-4249 College/Catching/Marian University

Deanna Gilane: 414-801-7625 College/Coaching/UWEauClaire

Amber Johnson: 262-909-7275 College/Hitting/Marian University

16U Aly Pinkos: 414-762-5572 College/Pitching/Conordia University  

16U/18U Brandon Burt: 414-416-1409 College/Statition/UWParkside 

Alecia Faber: 414-531-6693 College/Catching/UWLacross

Bekah Shellberg: 262-661-9186 College/Pitching/Wisconsin Lutheran

Sam Peach: 262-822-6670 College/Infield/Hitting/Marian University



College Group Administrator: Cristina Aponte/UWMadison

 *Special Thank You to all our college softball players in the community for being one of a kind and giving back; giving the love and passion of our sport to many young female athletes. You continue to pave the road of greatness...


Thursday, March 24
ACE Coaches
The ASA/USA Softball's ACE (Achieve, Certify, Educate) Coaching Certification Program was developed and designed to provide softball coaches of all levels – from beginning coaches to experienced veterans – an opportunity to certify as a coach with a national softball organization.

We our proud to say that all Twister coaches have completed the ACE Certification, from Level 1 to Level 3+ (Continuing Education), for each season. ALL Coaches MUST BE ACE Certified to be eligible to coach with the Wisconsin Twisters. Please contact DiAnna Johnson for further details on ACE Certification.

Congrats to our Twister Coaches! 

Come Join Us!!
Saturday, December 13
Team Representatives

Team Parent Representatives can be found on your teams home page. If you need further assistance, please contact Representative Administrator 

Representative Administrator

Ms. Dawn Strunsee ~ dawner828@aol.com  





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