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12. - Posted July 28, 2015 9:22AM
Trinity Track Club

Just joined eTeamz. Love your site...

11. - Posted August 16, 2013 2:30PM
Wisconsin Twisters

Whoa! It is that time of year again (: All the events have come to pass and yet we are still busy prepping and preparing for yet another amazing kick off to softball! Big shout out to ALL our worker beez behind the scenes who keep it a rollin'...........DJohnson

10. - Posted May 12, 2011 12:27AM
Twisters 14U MRT

Big Shout Out to Lou Aponte for being our umpire at the Columbus scrimmage and for Katie S. and Lauren C. for playing and contributing to our team success!!

9. - Posted March 21, 2011 6:55PM
Wisconsin Twisters 14U MRT and 12U teams, would like to thank Cristina and Lou Aponte for the hitting clinic you instructed for us! It was informative and inspirational! It is great the way you give back to our Twister athletes! Thank You!!

8. - Posted March 21, 2011 6:51PM
Wisconsin Twisters 14U MRT would to thank Coach Peach for working with our catchers. Your knowledge and expertise is greatly appreciated!

7. - Posted November 23, 2009 1:04PM
Wisconsin Twisters

Thank you Cristina for the words of wisdom! We look forward to hearing all you do at college on and off the field. You make us all proud!
We Love you,

6. - Posted November 17, 2009 3:57PM

I Think the "Head Tornado" Is WEIRD! No but really, he knows what he is talking about! So girls, listen up! Have a good season to all. (I will be watching!)

Love you Twisters (I’m really excited about the 10U)

5. - Posted June 10, 2009 1:40PM

Good luck this season! fastpitching.com

4. - Posted May 28, 2008 4:02PM
Wisconsin Twisters

Just wanted to say Good Luck to our Twister Girls and all the teams participating this weekend at Spring Fling 2008! We are excited to host such a great event and we hope everyone who is visiting us this weekend have a great time and have fun!
Thank you to all the members of the TWISTER FAMILY who make what we do so enjoyable.

Regards, DiAnna

3. - Posted May 4, 2008 10:59PM
Looking forward to the start of the season!

Thanks for all the great info on the hotels for the tournaments, we made our reservations tonight.

Diana, great job on the hummer picture, it's really nice. Thanks Glen for providing such a unique prop, the girl's loved it.

See you all at the the Spring Fling!

Gary, Suzy and Haly Fink #20 18U

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