"The Wisconsin Twisters Fastpitch Organization was established to give our athletes the ability to play softball at the highest level; we offer skill-development, experiences and opportunities that facilitate their growth into healthier, happier citizens. Our program focuses on family values that collectively strengthen the moral character of all participants, families and community."




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Welcome all new and returning players.
We may have a few roster spots still open for the upcoming season. 


14U'03 SH Have 2 open postions for finalize roster for 2017-Contact Coach Sue for private showing: sueh1803@gmail.com or call 262-930-6481


10U' 06 MC Looking for 1 catcher/utility player for 2017-Contact Coach Marlo for a private showing:@ Muskegoyouthwrestling@gmail.com


16U'00 SB  Looking for 1 player (outfield and possibly catcher) for 2017-Contact Coach Steve Baumgartner for a private showing:
@ gratiot83@icloud.com


14U'02 SC Looking for 1 player-(Pitcher) for 2017- Contact Sandy Caby for a private showing @ cabyscott@aol.com or call 262-895-4506


18U'99 CM Private showing available for additional pitcher for the 2016-17 season. Will look at '00 Players as well to play up Contact Coach Calliemikolajczykc@gmail.com or call 414-379-0089

Tryout Form

* Please be patient as form may take longer to download depending on your browser / version Private Showings Available: 

If attending a private session, please download Tryout Form, email to

coach address provided and have a copy with you at session. 


 2017 12th Annual Spring Fling

Registration to be announced January. Tournament Director Rosie Olle @ 262-994-0320  



Hitting Station Clinic-COMPLETE! Thank you Coach John Lewandowski!        

more player clinics posted under"camps, clinics, lessons" tab


Twister Nation: Speed & Agility Camp w/Ted Lang Coming in February 2017

Special Thanks to John Lewandowski, for putting together our Fall Hitting Clinic. Additional thanks to the rest of our Twister coaches who participate and help make these great activities happen. Specialty events take place Fall/Winter/Spring. 

Leo T. Jackson Scholarship 

  Congratulations to our 2016 winners:
Mariah Eiben
Paige Michaelson
Sam Peach

See the Leo T. Jackson Scholarship Fund page for more info.


See who is making news on and off the field!

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Twisters in the News

    UPCOMING EVENTS:                        

Winter/Spring Practice at Raymond & UGHS
Transitions to fall play now taking place.  Connect with your coaches for more information..

Winter "OPEN" Hitting at UGHS

Thank you to all the participants, players, coaches and UGHS for your help in making Open Hitting possible every year. Coming back in February 2017

Speed & Agility, Specialty Camps at UGHS
Check back for Winter posting-Coming in February 2017



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February 25th 2017 Infusino's Banquet Hall 3:00pm-8:00pm

Thank you OTAC, Players and Parents! 



NFL Super Match Tickets Coming Soon! Check Back for more information. Contact Steve Baumgartner

Notable 2016 Tournament Finishes

12U Lil' T 

Summer Slam 




12U Lil' T 

Memorial Madness 




12U Lil' T 

Spring Fling 




16U Black 

Wolves Wild Summer 




14U 01 

Warren Wave Wipeout




14U 01 

Cyclones Clash 




14U 01 

Spring Fling 




12U Lil' T 

Cyclones Clash 





Spring Fling 




12U Lou 

WSC Summer Classic 


Third Place 



Softball is not everything, but maybe everything is softball... 
The deeper lessons learned playing softball may be some
of the most valuable lessons of your life. 








Banner Finishes

2015 - 16U USSSA State B - 3rd
2014 - 16U ASA State A - 3rd
2013 - 16U ASA State B - Champions


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Contest Winners
2010, 2011, 2012





 The spikes worn by silver medalists Laura Berg, Crystl Bustos, Kelly Kretschman, Tairia Flowers, and Lovieanne Jung of the United States remain at home plate after the players left them there following USA's 3-1 loss to Japan during the women's grand final gold medal softball game at the Fengtai Softball Field during Day 13 of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games on August 21, 2008 in Beijing, China. The last time softball was played in the Olypmics.

Monday, August 8
College Bound Twisters and Student Athletes

Congratulations to our Wisconsin Twister College Bound Students and Student Athletes.

We are so proud of your achievements and continue to support you as you move forward to reaching your goals; whatever they may be....continued success, wherever you may be; in the classroom, on the diamonds, in your community and in the future.

Wisconsin Twisters College Bound/Signed-Recruited By;


2016/Mariah Eiben;Major;TBD;18UTwisters/RacineLutheran Rockford University Illinois

2016/Paige Michaelson;Major;Nursing;18UTwisters/Waterford Marian University-FonDuLac

2016/Olivia Feirer; Major; 18UTwisters/St.Francis Ellsworth Community College

2016/Brenna Lewandowski;Major: 18UTwisters/Catholic Memorial Notre Dame 

2016/Jaclynn Syrett;Major;Nursing/Business;18UTwisters/Waterford UW-Parkside

2016/Lynney Courtier;Major;Nursing;18UTwisters/Tremper UW-OshKosh

2016/Sam Peach;Major;Social Work;18UTwisters/RacineCase Marian University

2015/Elizabeth Frey:Major;Pre-Veterinarian;18UTwisters/LakeMillsUWRiverFalls

2015/Becca Moore:Major;Biology,Criminal Law;18UTwisters/UGHS UW Platteville

2015/Cailin Scanlon;Major:Business;18UTwisters/UGHS UW Whitewater

2015/Aly Masi:Major:Education;18UTwisters/IndianTrailsHS UW Whitewater

2015/Alexis Oilar:Major:Equistrian Science;18UTwisters/IndianTrailsHS 

2o14/Cassidy Kortendick:Major:TBD;18U Twisters/UGHS MATC www.matc.edu 

2014/Emily Neumann:Major:Pre-Med; 18U Twisters Ball State University

2014/Lauren Feirer:Major:Radiation Therapy;18U Twisters UW Lacrosse

2014/Lauren Chars:Major:Pharmacy; Prairie HS/18U Twisters Butler University

2014/Casey O'Malley:Major:TBD; Indian Trails HS/18U Twisters Ripon College

2014/Adrianna Burd:Major:TBD; Burlington HS/18U Twisters UW Eau Claire

2014/Breanna Guenther:Major:TBD; Racine Case HS/18U Twisters Madison College 

2014/Emily DeCheck: Major: TBD; Union Grove HS/18U Twisters UW LaCrosse

2014/Rachel Lensing:Major:Geology; Muskego HS/18U Twisters UW Whitewater

2014/Erica Wise:Major:Science/Disorders;Indian Trails HS/18UTwisters North Dakota

2014/Claire Baumgartner: Crime Justice; Oak Creek HS/18U Twisters UW Platteville 

2014/Ashley Lobraco; Major: Pediatric Nursing;Franklin HS/18U Twisters Marian University 

2013/Allison Sneed; Major: Criminal Justice;Oak Creek HS/18U Twisters, United States Army

2013/Ali Binder; Major:Biology Major;St. Thomas More HS/18U Twisters, St. Norbert College 

2013/Amber Rueth; Major: Nursing;Whitnall HS/18U Twisters, Carroll College 

2013/Dana Dretzka; Major: TBA;Oak Creek HS/18U Twisters, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

2013/Haleigh Burt; Major: Psychology; Oak Creek HS/18U Twisters, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

2013/Sara Petrovic; Major: TBA;Union Grove HS/18U Twisters, UW Parkside

2013/Riley Hornickle; Major: TBA;Burlington HS/18U Twisters, UW-LaCrosse

2013/Sami Williams; Major: Exercise Sciences;Hamilton HS/18U Twisters, Lakeland College

2013/Dani Vogt; Major:Nursing;Union Grove HS/18U Twisters, University of Wisconsin Parkside 

2013/Emily Jansen; Major:Clinical Lab Sciences;Hamilton HS/18U Twisters, Viterbo University 

2013/Laura Harrold; Major: TBA;Cudahay HS/18U Twisters, University of Wisconsin Madison 

2013/Rachel Seefeldt; Major: TBA;West Allis HS/18U Twisters, University of Wisconsin Parkside

2012/Amber Johnson; Major: Criminal Science;Union Grove HS/18U Twisters, Marian University of Wisconsin;Fox Valley Police Academy

2012/Kaitlynn Ballmann; Major: TBA; HS/18U Twisters, Occonomowac HS/18U Twisters, University of Wisconsin EauClaire 

2012/Alecia Faber; Major: Microbiology Pre-Vet;Union Grove HS/18U Twisters, UWLaCrosse 

2012/Katrina O'Keefe; Major: TBA;Union Grove HS/18U Twisters, UW LaCrosse 

2012/Becka Shellberg: Major: TBA;Catholic Memorial HS/18U Twisters, Wisconsin Lutheran College 

2012/Katie Immel; Major:TBD/Education Minor;Cudahy HS/18U Twisters, Alverno University

2012/Kimmy Johnson; Major:TBD;Horlick HS/18U Twisters, University of Wisconsin Green Bay

2011/Deanna Gilane; Major:Education;South Milwaukee HS/18U Twisters, Eau Claire University 

2011/Delany Kent; Major: Pre-Medical/Optomology;Waterford Union HS/18U Twisters, Ferris State University

2011/Kim Gemmel; Racine Lutheran HS, Alverno College 

2010/Aly Pinkos; Major: Pre-Medical/Pre Dental; S. Milwaukee HS/Coach 16U Concordia University

2009/Coach Callie Mikolaczyk; Major: Applied Science; Union Grove HS/Coach 14u Twisters, University of Wisconsin Stout 

2009/Cristina Aponte; Major: Chemisty/Pre-Pharmacy; Union Grove HS/Coach 18U Twisters, St. Norbert College 

2009/Nathalie Schattner; Major: ; Union Grove HS/18U Twisters, UW Platteville

More Athletes to be posted as they become available, Wisconsin Twisters Fastpitch Organization


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