Wiregrass Kings: Welcome

Introducing the Wiregrass Kings!

Meet the Wiregrass Area's newest varsity sports program:  The Wiregrass Kings!  The Wiregrass Kings Athletic Association was founded in 2011, and thus is in its third year.  It began in the hearts of families who wanted area homeschoolers and eligible private school students to have an opportunity to participate in a sports program.  Currently, the Kings offer cheerleading, and boys' and girls' basketball.  The Wiregrass Kings is looking to branch out into other sports in which students are interested.  The Wiregrass Kings is a non-profit organization whose leadership is strictly volunteer.  The Board of Directors is made up of coaches, parents, and others who have an interest in seeing the program succeed.


The Wiregrass Kings seeks to honor the Lord in how the program is run, and the leadership takes seriously responsibility in representing Christ.  Good sportsmanship and hard work are encouraged, and while it is true that the teams should be Christ-like, there is also emphasis on becoming a competitive force among the teams that are played.  In order to qualify to try out for any team, students must be homeschoolers or belong to a private school that does not offer the particular sport in which the student is interested.  Our prayer is to provide an athletic experience that facilitates encouragement, confidence in one's ability and discipline. In cooperation with parents, we seek to help build strong, confident, yet humble servants for Christ.

  Wiregrass Kings Sports Prayer

Since the organization is non-profit and is largely supported by the parents of the students, the Kings are grateful for any individual or group who might want to invest in the futures of these young people.  It is the hope of the parents and students to grow the program and truly become an asset to the Wiregrass area.  Anyone interested in learning more about the Wiregrass Kings should visit their website or facebook page by that name. 


Our mascot is the Kings and our colors are purple, gold, and white.  Our purpose as a team and as individuals is to give all Glory to God!


Students must meet the eligibility requirements of the Wiregrass Kings Sports Program in order to play.

Contact: wiregrasskings@yahoo.com



Our statement of faith is based upon the biblical truths of our Christian beliefs that we support as the foundation of our organization.  Our desire is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, be united as one body of Christ, and to exemplify the body of Christ on and off the field.  We strive to learn competition in a Godly manner.

*If you have any questions about this website, or how to change or add any sponsorship information, please contact: webmaster@wiregrasskings.com