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Last updated
05-26-16 08:45 AM
Get Directions to wild thangzLogansport Local Weather
wild thangz
315 Burlington Avenue
Logansport, Indiana
Thursday, May 26
Wildthangz Softball Group
                     TEAMS ENTERED

Wildthangz Invitational May 8th Sunday only Logansport

10u: Wildthangz;
12u: Wildthangz; Zebras; Dynamite;
14u: Wildthangz; Leo Fusion; Rockets;

Wildthangz Invitational May 15th Sunday only Logansport

10u: Champs: Blue Cats; FW Freeze; Wildthangz; In Sluggers 06; Dynamite;
12u: Champs: Flash; Lazers; Fishers Red Cats & Eliminators; Wildthangz;
14u: Champs: Wildthangz; Angola; In Twist; Longhorns 02;

Rochester Spring Invitational May 21-22

10u:Champs: Slugger 05; HC Thunder; Wildthangz; Eclipse; In Magic; In Sluggers 06;
12u: Champs: Sluggers 03; Magic; Wildthangz; Wallen Attack; Zebras;
12u Champs: Eclipse; Sluggers 04; BG Wolfpack; Dynamite;
14u: Champs: Magic; Wildthangz; TC Havoc; ECI Dynamite (Illinois); Leo Fusion;

Eclipse Ind Beach Invitational Monticello June 4-5;

12u: Eclipse; Magic (Harper); NWI Storm 04; Dynamite; Eliminators; LaPorte Lazers; Westfield Rocks;
14u: Intensity; Longhorns; Lafayette Firestorm; Tomahawk Nation; Eclipse Red; TC Havoc;

Round Barn Invitational Rochester June 11-12

10u: Wildthangz; In Slugger 05; Dynamite; BATS;
12u: Wildthangz; In Slugger 04; BATS; Eliminators; Mentone Starz;
14u: Leesburg Storm;
16u: MC Explosion;

Wildthangz Invitational Logansport June 18-19

10u: Westfield Rocks;
12u: Wallen Attack; Dynamite; Zebras; CC Fury;
14u: Leo Fusion; Jimtown J-Shock; Wildthangz; Leesburg Storm; In Mustangs 01; CC Fury;
16u: MC Explosion; 3n2 Fury;

Eclipse Ind Beach Invitational Monticello June 25-26

10u: Eclipse; Dynamite;
12u: Eclipse; L Lazers; ECI Dynamite (Ill); Zebras; CC Fury; Eliminators; Wildthangz;
14u: Wildthangz; Intensity; Nova; ECI Dynamite (ILL); PC Pride; Longhorns 02; Leo Fusion;
16u: ECI Dynamite (ILL); MC Explosion;

Rochester Summer Invitational July 9-10

10u: Wildthangz; Michiana Scrappers; Westfield Rocks; In Slugger 06; In Slugger 05; Dynamite; Red Cats;
12u: In Slugger 04; NWI Storm 04; Zebras;
14u: Wildthangz; TC Havoc; Leo Fusion; Lowell Tide;
16u: MC Explosion; Elite; Aftershock;

Circus City Invitational Peru July 16-17

10u: Wildthangz; Dynamite;
12u: Wildthangz; Magic (Harper); Dynamite;
14u: Wildthangz; WCI Fusion;

wild thangz
wild thangz
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