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3rd Annual Hoopfest Classic

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Johnson City Hoopfest Classic AAU Tournament
March 25-26, 2016 

Tuesday, January 5
Travel Program Raffle Winners

The Travel Program Raffle Ticket Winners are:


Barbara Abissi - $300
Jermain Patterson - $200
Sarah Johnson - $50 


Tuesday, September 22
Johnson City Hoops Basketball Club

Monday, October 13
Johnson City Hoops 2015-2016 Basketball Program Information

Johnson City Hoops is happy to announce that we will offer three different levels of basketball this season:  Hoopsters (2nd and 3rd grade); Muni League (4th - 6th grade recreational) and Travel (4th-6th grade competetive).  


Sign-ups will also be taken during open gyms when possible, including the first night of open gym, however it will be much faster to register online once online registraiton opens.   PLEASE NOTE - PLAYERS MUST REGISTER WITH JOHNSON CITY HOOPS PRIOR TO PARTICIPATING IN OPEN GYMS.

Hoopsters and Muni League were previously operated by the Village of Johnson City and were merged into the Johnson City Hoops program in 2014 in order to have all basketball options for kids in the Johnson City School District under one program.     

The gym schedule for games and practices is currently being worked on for all levels.       

We anticiapte open gyms for 4th - 6th grade BOYS ONLY (Muni League or Travel Program) to begin on Thursday October 15th at 7:00 PM.  Open gyms will run every Tuesday and Thursday until further notice.

Open gyms for Girls in grades 4-12th are currrently underway on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7 - 8:30 in the Elementary School Gym. 

Tryouts for the Travel Program are anticipated for October 30th and November 2nd.  More info on tryouts and the travel program to follow.



Wednesday, October 15
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Travel Basketball Program:


·   Where do we travel?  Most travel occurs to other schools in Broome County; however, depending upon the schedule, some teams may travel to Chenango County (Norwich, Greene), Tioga County (Newark Valley, Owego, Waverly), and possibly the Athens/Sayre area of Pennsylvania.

·   When are games? Games and practices are held on various days of the week and Saturdays, depending upon gym availability for the Johnson City Hoops basketball program, as well as availability of gym time for other area teams.

·  Where are practices and games?  Most practices and home games will be held at either the Elementary or Middle school. 

·  Can your son/daughter play in muni-league (or other leagues) and the travel program?  Not all players who try-out for the travel program will make the team.  Therefore, we HIGHLY recommend all kids sign up for the JC Hoops  muni-league program, regardless of whether or not they intend to try-out for travel teams. This way, if they do not make a travel team they still have a place to play basketball. 

§    If your child makes a travel team, we expect them to be committed to the travel basketball program.  JC Hoops has made the decision that players will not be allowed to participate in other programs this year.  Since the travel program is a competetive program, by making the team, they have likely taken a spot away from someone else.  If they are not committed to the travel program as a first priority, they should not try out for travel basketball.  Scheduling conflicts between travel and other programs would be expected due to the fact that travel games can be any day of the week and are dependant on other districts schedules and availabilty as much as our own.  We will evaluate this decision on a yearly basis to determine what's best for all the kids involved at all levels.  

·  How many teams are there?  The numbers of teams to be sponsored are determined on a yearly basis, dependant upon several factors including: funding available; the number of interested candidates; the number of qualified candidates that will allow competitive teams to be formed; and gym availability.  Our target for this season is two boy’s teams and two girl’s teams, which will likely be comprised of a mixture of grades, such as 4th/5th, 5th/6th, etc.  However, the actual number of teams and the placement of players by grade are determined annually by Johnson City Hoops program coaches and advisors, based on the best information we have available at the time.   

·   Who attends tryouts? All candidates for the travel program must attend tryouts - INCLUDING RETURNING PLAYERS.  There are no guaranteed spots on the teams for any players, including returning players. This includes the fact that there may not be a team at the appropriate level for a player who played last year (for example, a third grader last year who played travel may not be selected if we assemble only a 5th adn 6th grade team).  Any 4th through 6th grade boy or girl interested in trying out for the team is welcome (open tryout).  Select 3rd graders MAY be invited to tryouts; however, try-outs are not open to 3rd graders as they are by invite only.  If you believe you have a 3rd grader who should be considered for the travel basketball program, please email and request an evaluation of your child at an open gym, prior to tryouts.  Parents of all players MUST accompany their child to the first tryout date to ensure they are properly registered.  All players who sign-up for Hoopsters/Muni-League or Travel will be enrolled as members of the Amateur Athletic Union, for insurance purposes.  Players must be enrolled as an AAU member prior to participating in tryouts or open gyms, so please ensure we have received all information necessary prior to arrival on the first day of tryouts or open gym.  JC Hoops will include the cost of AAU membership for all candidates in the registration fee of the player.  In addition to tryouts, players interested in making travel teams are strongly encouraged to attend open gyms where they will be able to familiarize themselves with drills used during tryouts and coaches are affording the opportunity to observe them over a longer period of time than just the tryout period.  

·  What is the cost? All players must register prior to attending open gyms or tryouts.  If selected to a team, there will be a cost associated with play.  The cost for the this season is $50 (with the opportunity to reduce cost to zero ($0).  $10 will be collected at the time of registration for all players.   The $40 balance will be payable at the first parent meeting for players that make the travel teams.  

The cost for the travel program includes a uniform that players keep, all required insurance and 20+ games which may or may not include some tournaments.  This is easily one of the best deals around for a competetive basketball program.

In addition to the $50, travel parents are expected to work at concession stands for tournaments hosted by the club, especially during the Johnson City Hoops sponsored "Hoopfest Classic" in the end of March (Saturday AND Sunday).  Tournaments support our club and allow us to keep costs low.  Due to the excellent participation of parents in the program, we were able to reduce the cost from $100 for the 2013-2014 season to $50 since.  This will continue as long as we have parent participation.  

Tournaments are the only MANDATORY fundraising participation required for parents of the travel program and your total work time between will be approximately 6-8 hours.

Please understand that the cost guarantees that the player will be afforded the opportunity to practice with travel teams and attend games.  There is no guaranteed amount of playing time.  This is a competitive team.    

·   What if I can't afford the cost?  We make it easy to PLAY FOR FREE!  All that is required on the part of players or parents is a little initiative!  Players MUST pay up front (no exceptions).  Players will be given 10 raffle tickets that are sold for $5 each.  Players will KEEP all of the money from the tickets they sell!  So, if you sell all 10 tickets, you play for free! The Travel Basketball program is sponsored by the Johnson City Hoops AAU Basketball Club, a non-profit organization that obtains all funds through fundraising.  As such, we must charge a fee to cover the costs of the travel program. We simply cannot afford to pay for players who do not do something to assist the club financially, but we will work with you in any way we can.   

·   How many players are on each team?  The number of players per team is determined on an annual basis, based on player assessments.  

·   What if I have more questions? Please contact us at:

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