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Thursday, December 20
Champions rebound.

In the past decade of NBA Finals match ups, the team with the most rebounds has always become the NBA’s champions.

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Wednesday, November 14
Money in the Bank: Using Backboard Can Pay Off for Basketball Shooters

The basketball is in your hands. The score is tied and there are only a few seconds left on the clock. You have the ball about 10 feet away from the basket on the right side of the court, just outside the free-throw lane. It’s decision time: Is it best to try a direct shot to win the game on a swish? Or do you use the backboard and bank home the winning basket?


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Wednesday, October 24
Video - Blake Griffin Rebounding: Box-Out Drill

Nike Basketball ...

Wednesday, October 24
Games - arrival time and uniforms

Please do not forget that the start times for our games shown on the calendar and on the schedule pages are the actual start time for the games. Players must arrive at the gym 30 minutes prior to game time.

When playing at home, players must wear the white uniform and when playing away, they must wear the blue one. However, players must always bring both uniforms to all games.