Wicomico Panthers: SAFETY

    To the board of the Panthers, safety is our number one responsibility. There are many things we do that help to keep your child safe. The number on thing is to do a background check on all adults involved in the program, coaches and board members,even the people doing the chains. All coaches and board members attend a clinic run by Henlopen each year. This clinic reviews the rules, how to handle emergencies. All of the head coaches and most board members hold CPR certifiation.

    At least one board member is on the field at all times to make sure that all rules are followed. The board is always open to hear from the parents.

    The children are told at the start of the season by the President and Vice President, that if they have a problem or concern and do not feel that they can talk to the coach, they can always go to them.

    All of these things help to make you and your child's experience a safe one.