Wick Futball: Welcome

Welcome to the Wick Futbal Over 30 Recreational Soccer League



Wick Futball is celebrating 26 years of Recreational Soccer in Lititz!

The Lititz Over 30 Recreation Soccer League plays on Sunday evenings at 6:00 PM. We play on full size fields, have licensed referees, and play full ninety (90) minute games. We have twenty two or more players on a team and use liberal substitutions. While the league is competitive, it is intended to be “recreational,” therefore, we do not keep standings, have playoffs, or “crown” a league champion.  New players are welcome.  Please read the League Rules in the handout section before registering.  All players must be willing to comply with these rules. 

 You may register here:


All players must sign the waiver form and present it before playing in any games.  If you are new to the league this year, you are required to present proof of age before playing in your first game.  Proof of age can be a birth certificate, driver's license, or other document with your birthdate.  (We do not keep this information.)

Documents can be submitted prior to the first game via email with a scanned image of the document in either PDF or Microsoft Word format attached to the email.  You may also present a paper copy to your team captain or a league official at the first game.

Look under HANDOUT for League Rules and Rosters, etc.

*** Directions to each field are listed on the site. *** 

Please email socref7@yahoo.com with any questions.