Wichita Area Homeschool Athletic Association
                          1 Timothy 4:12   "Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but
                                  rather in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity, show
                                              yourself an example of those who believe." 
                 ATHLETIC DIRECTOR: Kenny C.                CLERK:  Lora R.                               WEBSTER: DWolters
                 wichitawarriors8@sbcglobal.net                 WichitaWarriors@gmail.com            warriorwebster@gmail.com
                                                                HOME COURT / FIELDS
  • Volleyball,  Basketball, Cheerleading, HS Football:  Church at the Cross (CATC), 2901 W. Taft, Wichita, 67213
  • Soccer: HS (Games) AYSO Reg. 208  1700 N. Ridge Rd, Wichita, 67212  (Practice) CATC;  JH  (Games) AYSO Reg. 208  (Practice) Lawrence Ele. School, 3440 Maple, Wichita 67213
  • Track & Field: Andover Central Middle School, Andover, KS
  • Golf: (Practice) Tex Consolver Course, 1931 S. Tyler Rd, Wichita 67209
  • Cross Country, Softball, Baseball:  Coach-Controlled, if offered. 

Mission:  The purpose of the WICHITA WARRIORS is to provide an opportunity for homeschooled students to participate in organized, competitive athletics and to use that competition to teach Christian-based principles that will encourage young people to strive for spiritual maturity in all areas of their lives.  

WAHAA is a member of:

  • NCHAA - National Christian Homeschool Athletic Association
  • KCAA - Kansas Christian Athletic Association
  • KSHSAA Approved - Kansas State High School Activities Association


CAMPS / ACTIVITIES: Don Eddy Summer Camp, June 22-26, 2015 at Immanual Baptist Church

CROSS COUNTRY: See 2015 Fall Season announcements from Coach Murphy...... Work hard, break a sweat and have fun!

FOOTBALL: see information on 2015 Season Conditioning, Practices and Team Camp.....best to start hydrating now.......

VOLLEYBALL: Summer Workouts 2015

CHEERLEADING: see Coach Candice for information on participating with 2015-16 Cheerleading Season

A.D.'s CLIPBOARD: See Important Items from Athletic Director, Kenny C.

FUNDRAISING: How Can You Financially be a Warrior Supporter?


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