Wichita Area Homeschool Athletic Association 
                                                                                                    ATHLETIC DIRECTOR: Jeff M. at wichitawarriorsad@gmail.com        
                                                                                                    CLERK/WEBSTER: Dawn R.  at WichitaWarriors@gmail.com                  
WICHITA WARRIORS mission is to provide an opportunity for Homeschooled athletes to participate in organized, competitive athletics and to use that competition to teach Christian-based principles that will encourage young people to strive for spiritual maturity in all areas of their lives. 
WAHAA offers competitive teams for Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Cross Country, Basketball, Bowling, Track & Field, Baseball, Golf and Cheerleading!  
WICHITA WARRIORS is a member of KCAA (KS Christian Athletic Association), NCHAA (National Christian Homeschool Athletic Association), and approved by KSHSAA (KS State High School Activities Association). 

  • Warrior gym is located at Church at the Cross, 2901 W. Taft, Wichita, KS 67213
  • Soccer is played at AYSO Reg. 208, 1700 N. Ridge Rd, Wichita, KS.
  • All other sports are played at various sites; for more information, contact Athletic Director at "Contact Us".
  • MEMBERS ONLY: We now have a FaceBook page under "Wichita Warriors" - this is a closed group  for privacy.  Email lorivirden@sbcglobal.net or FB "Lori Virden" for access or make a request via Facebook Messenger. If your family wants access, be sure to mention them or make the request for them. Since it's a private group, the Webster will not approve unmerited approvals.

Wichita Warrior Fall Sports 2018
Athletic Director - Jeff Masterson
Warrior Football - Head Coach Bill Turner
bill.turner@nustarenergy.com / (316) 200-9100 
Senior Led Conditioning Every Tue & Thu 6-7:30pm
Warrior Gym - 2901 W. Taft St.  Wichita, KS  67213 
Equipment Checkout Saturday July 28th.
Warrior Week Begins Monday July 30 - 6am 

High School Soccer - Coach Brent Castillo
Contact Brent  (316) 295-7369 / greatbigfamily@icloud.com
Pre Season Conditioning Begins Monday July 9th 6-7:30pm
Riverlawn Christian Church - 4243 N. Meridian Ave.  Wichita, KS  67204 
Junior High Soccer - Coach Michael Sater
Contact Michael  (316) 350-5343 / msater.faithacademy@gmail.com
**Pre Season Conditioning Coming Soon** 
Cross Country (JH and HS) - Coach John Murphy
Contact John - jmurphy41@cox.net
Parent / Athlete meeting Monday July 23rd at 6pm
Warrior Gym - 2901 W. Taft St.  Wichita, KS  67213
**First Official Practice Monday July 30th at 6am** 
High School Volleyball - Coach Tiffany Hall
Contact Tiffany - (316) 650-3634 / mrs.tiff@sbcglobal.net  
Practice Begins Monday July 30th 7:30-9am
Warrior Gym - 2901 W. Taft St.  Wichita, KS  67213 
JH Volleyball - Coach Shiloh Collins / Candice Bauer
Practice Begins July 24th - Tue / Thu / Fri 3-5pm
Warrior Gym - 2901 W. Taft St.  Wichita, KS  67213
Contact Shiloh - smc122017@outlook.com 
Contact Candice - vb.coach12@yahoo.com

2018-19 Cheer Practices Start August 7th / Tue & Thu 1-3pm
At The Warrior Gym 
Contact Cheer Coach Candice Bauer - vb.coach12@yahoo.com

A.D.'s CLIPBOARD See Important Items from Jeff Masterson AD

Greetings Warrior Nation!

If you are receiving email notices and are no longer participating, please let Jeff know and he'll remove you ASAP. Contact Jeff at wichitawarriorsad@gmail.com

If you are a full participant or fan, you should be included on all email lists and considered part of the Warrior Nation! Thanks to all of you for supporting Wichita Warrior sports. If you are interested in attending a Wichita Warrior sporting event, updated schedules can be found at our website www.wichitawarriors.org.   These events are confirmed weekly so changes may occur. In that case. watch for emails from your coach or on the newly revised Facebook page under "Wichita Warriors".

Our Facebook page is a closed group.  This closed FB site will post events, happenings, group pictures, announcements, directions, etc.....  and coaches are encouraged to post game updates or tidbits to make Warrior Nation aware of. If family members want access, you should ask on their behalf.    

Here's a couple of reminders when dealing with your child's coach:

  • Warrior coaches are volunteers and give sacrifically of their time and talent to make your player's athletic experience the best it can be.    
  • It is never permissible (or a good idea) to approach a coach, either during or immediately after a game. This is not the time to address a coach with concerns you may have. 
  • Visit with your player and offer them encouragement.  Go attend practices for a couple days to gain insite.
  • Then if you still would like to talk about your child's play, contact the coach for a meeting. 
  • If all else fails, contact the AD for a meeting.
  • You will find this policy is the norm and not exclusive to the Warrior program and most athletic programs follow this course.

As a Christi-centered organization, show yourself as a disciple of Christ.  You should be aware people are always watching and listening how we treat each other, our coaches, our opponents and officials. Good sportsmanship starts with you, and should be on display for all to witness.  Hold each other accountable while you're lifting each other up - always remember Matt. 32:39 "And the second (Great Commandment) is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself".  

Thanks to all for your past, present and future support of the Wichita Warriors. We could not do it without YOU!


Uniform Care

  1. Wash inside-out in cold water on gentle cycle and hung dry.
  2. DO NOT use softner, as it will make the numbers come off.
  3. DO NOT use bleach, as it will discolor fabric.
  4. DO NOT dry in dryer as it will crack the lettering or numbers.
  5. DO NOT wash white with colors or vice versa, as it could fade fabrice or discolor it.
  6. and please wash them right away after use, so sweat and other smells are removed sooner then later.  


Gym Rules:

Just a couple reminders to take note of:

  1. DO NOT let children play on the gym wooden floor at any time, especially before, during or after a game. Dirt and small gravel in their shoes can damage the floor.
  2. DO NOT bring outside balls into the gym. It encourages kids to get on the floor and makes it hard for us to keep track of WAHAA balls.
  3. DO NOT accept checks from non-WAHAA members at the Admissions desk - no exceptions.
  4. NO children under the age of 12 should be in the main church hallway without an adult or playing in the hall


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