Whittier Little League: Registration Information

Friday, December 18
2016 Spring Registration
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Boundary Checker Tool


3 or More of the following categories can be used to establish residency

  1. Driver's License 
  2. Voter's Registration
  3. School records
  4. Welfare/child care records
  5. Federal records
  6. State records
  7. Local (municipal) record
  8. Support payment records
  9. Homeowner or tenant records
  10. Utility bills(i.e. electric, water/sewer, phone, mobile phone, heating, waste disposal) records
  11. Financial (loan, credit, investment, etc,) records
  12. Insurance documents
  13. Medical records
  14. Military records
  15. internet, cable or satellite records
  16. Vehicle records
  17. Employment records

Note:example - Three utility bills (threeitems from No. 10 above) constitutes only ONE document.

If using school as residency a School Enrollment Form must be filled out and returned to WLL.

Handout: School Enrollment Form

League Age Calculator
Whittier Little does not currently offer softball although the Little League Age Calculator pulldown indicates this.