Whittier Little League: In Memoriam

Alan Morris 1938 - 2011

In loving memory of Grandpa Alan Morris

October 23, 1938 - June 27, 2011 

Alan Morris was a long-time supporter of Whittier Little League.  He faithfully attended with his wife, Christine, the many baseball games of his grandson, Lucas Holbert.  He passed away on June 27, 2011, and will be greatly missed.

Jerry Johnston 1970 - 2010

In loving memory of Coach Jerry Johnston

October 17, 1970 - May 12, 2010

Jerry Johnston passed away on Sunday, May 9, from heart failure due to a lung infection.  The Johnston family has been with Whittier Little League for the last 9 years with Jerry coaching most of those years with his sons' teams.  Jerry Johnston is survived by his children Jerald, Jakob, Jessica and James; his parents Jerry, Sr., and Barbara, along with sister Debra Gutierrez and her family.     

A tribute to Jerry Johnston written by friend, Ed Zeronis — both Jerry and Ed played with WLL as young boys back in the 80’s when it was called “Lambert Little League”

Jerry, we have been friends for 25 years; and it started in high school — I was a sophomore, you were a freshmen. We played football and baseball together. After graduation we did our own thing: we built families and yet still remained good friends.  We coached on some teams together and coached against each other trying to make our boys the best that they could be.  I think I enjoyed coaching against your teams more because we had some good on-field battles (last year in particular on the Major level).  People who didn't know us probably thought we didn't like each other because we were loud and went at each other.  The fact is you were like a brother to me, and I will miss you my friend.  Let's Buzz the tower. 


Manuel Rivera 1979 - 2010

In loving memory of Coach Manuel Rivera

May 13, 1979 — February 12, 2010

Manuel Rivera was a dear friend to many in our League.  He coached at Whittier Little League for 4 years, both the regular season and winter ball.  He passed away on February 12, 2010, after a long hard-fought battle with cancer.  Manuel is survived by his loving wife, Arlene, and two sons Tiburcio &  Joaquin — both are currently playing with us this year.   THANK YOU FOR HELPING US CELEBRATE THE LIFE OF THIS BELOVED COACH. (pictured above with his mother, sister, wife, and sons)

Tribute to Manuel written by his friend, Jeff Mahlow

Class act, well respected, loved, and never forgotten Coach.  His love for the game was like no other.  He had so much to share in so little time. His outlook on the game was to work hard, respect the game, love the game, know all you can about the game and last was to always have fun playing the game.  He impacted so many families with his hard dedication and determination always wanting the very best for their child. I would like to say it was in honor to have known him on a personal level; he had so much love for his family.... A true Fighter and a real Believer. He may be gone but never forgotten.

In honor of Manuel Rivera, Whittier Little League awards a Manager of the Year Award to the manager who most epitomizes the following qualities (nominated by coaches, parents, grandparents, players, etc.)

· Tolerance - patience to teach the necessary skills

· Drive/passion - coaching for the benefit of the kids

· Understanding - each child brings something unique to the team

· Equality - giving each child a chance to be part of something bigger than themselves

· Respect - from the players and others in the Little League community

· Love for the game of baseball - instilled in the players