Whittier Girls Softball League: Welcome

Registration is open and available for you to sign-up online. Current registration totals indicate a stronger player turnout compared to this time a year ago. Please do not delay in signing-up your
player as to avaoid the waiting list! If you are considering signing your player, do so today.

2018 Southern California B State Championship Bracket Schedule

Respecting Officials: Umpiress have the toughest job on the field. Without umpires the game simply wouldn't happen! It wouldn't start, wouldn't be fair and no one would validate the outcome. We need umpires! Being an umpire is a very difficult job. Respect umpires and preserve a positive environment for our girls and umpires.

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Whittier Girls Softball League is an all-volunteer non-profit organization whose purpose is to perpetuate and organize a recreational program for young girl, which stresses-responsibility, sportsmanship, team work and friendship.
PROHIBITED at EWMS School Grounds
E-cigarettes, tobacco cigaretts, alcohol, pets "DOGS" and propane heaters are all PROHIBITED at EWMS school grounds.



President John Hernandez   whittiergirlssoftball@gmail.com
Vice President  Angela Martinez   whittiergirlssoftball@gmail.com
Treasurer Yvette Marquez   mrs.whoopie@gmail.com
Secretary Tuesday Soto 626-290-4260 tuesdayknows@gmail.com
Senior Player Agent Veronica Sanchez 562-332-7222 averoaz@yahoo.com
Player Agent Crystal Rocha 562-360-7597 rocha_crystal2004@yahoo.com
Umpire in Chief  Tim Aguilar 562-412-0060 aguilartim@aol.com
Ways and Means Malisa Ceballos  323-273-7674 malisaceballos@gmail.com
Sponsorship Director Crystal Lozano 323-243-9290 crystal_lozano03@yahoo.com
Equipment Director  Ramon Gutierrez 626-409-7707 gutierrezramon79@yahoo.com
Uniform Director  Dez Ortiz  562-631-3864 dezo118@gmail.com
Webmaster  Anthony Aguilar 562-318-6216 kaymia_graphics@mac.com
Team Parent Coordinator  Bianca Hernandez 562-818-3735 jbmhernandez@msn.com
Field Maitenance Director Rigo Ramos 951-403-1523 ramosfamily2194@gmail.com
Field Mainteance Mike Ortiz 562-682-4301 mikeo23118@gmail.com
Field Mainteance Jaime Jimenez 562-556-3226 jjimenez1322@gmail.com
Field Mainteance Raul Carrion  562-706-1604 RaulCarrionJR@yahoo.com
6u Division Representative  Jason Quioan 562-321-7071 jquioan@msn.com
8u Division Representative  Sal Martinez 562-754-8006 mianlukesdad@gmail.com
10u Division Representative  Jacob Phillips  562-209-5049 jayz0r0621@gmail.com
12u Division Representative  Enrique Ruvalcaba 562-305-8642 enriqueruvalcaba@yahoo.com
14u Division Representative Jose Rubio 562-781-9839 mrjoserubio@gmail.com

Snack Shack

Lisa Santos 323-828-2319 OGLisa@yahoo.com
Snack Shack Jessica Merrell 562-743-8875 jcmerrell@gmail.com