White Sox: Welcome

2011 Last Practice
Monday, June 6

Hello All,

Normally Shirley updates the site, but it's me (Coach). I'm just going to ramble on here for a sec. We just lost our final game in T.O.C.'s and it sucks ass! Not because we lost, but because I'm going to miss this bunch of knuckle head ass kids. I love winning, Lord knows I love winning, but I really love teaching kids the game of baseball and life lessons. I wanted soooo much for these kids to win it all, but it just wasn't our day.  I hope the 2011 White Sox will never forget this season. I've really grown attached to these kids. I wish we had more time together. I would encourage parents to continue to play ball with their kids while we're in our off-season.  Most of you will never even see this message, but for those that do, please know that I really appreciate all of the parents efforts in getting the kids to all those practices and allowing me to make them my own.....if only for a few months. The ride was worth the fall.  

Baseball will always be good to you.......if you're good to her.

                                        Thanks for a great season

                                                     ~ Coach John