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Wednesday, April 22
2014 Expense Report


Wheatland Little League


(2014 season)


Little League International Fees                                                      $ 5618.

(insurance, tournament fees)


District 2 Fees:                                                                                   $ 1494.

(baseball/softball/umpire clinics)


Capitol Custom Sportswear                                                             $ 27,626.

(uniforms, not including 2014 fall ball)


*Field Maintenance                                                                           $ 18,388.

(Tom Abe & Plumas Lake)


Volunteer Fee Refunds                                                                     $ 3992.


Snack bar equipment/Pepsi                                                              $ 8075.

(equipment for Plumas Lake/Abe)


City of Wheatland                                                                             $ 4642.



Cook's Toilets/Yuba Recology                                                         $ 2901.



Equipment                                                                                         $ 6789.

(balls/team equipment/bases)


Misc                                                                                                    $ 3153.

(staples/postage/hitathon prizes/end of year/health cert.)


Snack Bar                                                                                          $ 16923.


                                                                                                            $ 99605.



DEPOSITS (registration fees, snack bar, sponsors,                      $ 83192.49

Hit-a-Thon fundraiser)




OPUD reimbursed WLL $6,325 towards preparing Eufay Woods fields.                    ($13,223.87 for equipment, dirt, machinery, bases/mounds, field maintenance tools)


WLL purchased a new storage container ($3402.93) for field/team equipment to replace deteriorated previous container. Bullpens were also added to Tom Abe Field.  These are not normal annual expenses.


These expenses occurred prior to the 2014 Fall Ball season.

Monday, August 31
2016 Wheatland Little League Board Nominations/Voting

For those of you that are interested in becoming involoved with the Wheatland Little League Board, Nomincations/Votes will be in the Bear River Cafeteria on September 16th @ 7PM.  We have lots of positions to fill to make the Spring 2016 season a success!

 The positions are as follows:





Registration Officer

Safety Officer

Field Maintenance

Umpire and Chief

Equipment Coordinator

Snack Bar Coordinator

Fundraising Coordinator

Player Agents (Baseball & Softball)

Please email any questions or concerns to Kat Thomas @ kthomas@hcs.k12.ca.us




Wheatland Little League