Women's Hoop City League: W.H.C.L Rules

W.H.C.L Adult Basketball Rules & Regulations! All games will be played in accordance with the current NCAA and TAAF rules, with the addition of the following: . Eligibility a. Players Women’s Recreational and Competitive Leagues must be eighteen (18 with waiver form) years of age prior to the start of league play. b. All players must carry a current picture ID with them at all times during all league games. . Rosters a. Each team will be allowed a maximum of 10 players. b. Final rosters must be turned into the Athletic Office or the scorekeeper prior to the second game. Note: If rosters are not turned in prior to the second game, the result will be a forfeit of the current game and any future games until a roster is submitted. c. There will be no roster changes allowed for any reason after the final roster has been submitted. . Equipment/Uniforms a. Players on each team must wear Team Shirts that are identical in the base color of your team. and must ”5 inch number on the back. These numbers must be legal basketball numbers! Legal basketball numbers are as follows: 0, 00, 1-5, 10-15, 20-25, 30-35, 40-45, 50-55. There will be a one game grace period for all teams to Receive Team shirts . After this grace period, players will not be allowed to play with out complying with the team uniform rules. b. Players must wear shoes that are designed for an indoor basketball court surface. No turf shoes or other black-soled shoe will be allowed. c. Referees may ban any equipment that they deem as unsafe or illegal. d. No jewelry may be worn at any time during the game. . General Playing Rules a. Line- ups must be turned in to the Scorekeeper at least 10 minutes prior to game time. Line-ups must indicate last name, first name, and jersey number.( optional if team captain choices to Track their player stats online) b. Time-Out Allocations are as follows: 1. TwoTime-Outs per game c. Game Time is Forfeit Time! All players must be in gym. Players in parking lot or outside are not eligible. The coach may use the two timeouts allowed to postpone the forfeit for an additional five minutes. Once the decision is made, all time outs will be recorded as used and none will be allowed during the game. d. If a team forfeits three (3) league games due to lack of players at the start of a regularly scheduled game, the team will be dropped from the league with no refund of entry fee and all teams scheduled to play the offending team for the remainder of the season will receive win by forfeit. Make-up games scheduled on days other than the original night will not apply.( unless caused by bad Weather) e. Teams must start a game with four (5) players (no exceptions) but may finish with fewer players (down to 4 f.Technical Fouls 1. Flagrant technical fouls- Examples: Unsportsmanlike conduct, unsportsmanlike language, hanging on the rim, etc. Penalty: two shots and the ball out of bounds. Three (3) flagrant technical on a team during a game will result in a forfeit of the game. Two (2) flagrant technical by a player during a game will result in ejection and an automatic two (2) game suspension. Suspensions may be longer if the league administrator deems in necessary. 2. Regular technical fouls – Examples: Jewelry, name not in scorebook, etc. opposing team gets two shots and the ball out of bounds. Regular technicalities will not count against team forfeiture or player ejection. 3. All technical fouls count as a personal and team foul. g. Blood Rule – a player, coach or official who is bleeding or who has blood on their uniform shall be prohibited from participating further in the game until appropriate treatment can be administered. If medical care or treatment can be administered in a reasonable length of time, the individual will not have to leave the game. The length of time considered reasonable is left to the officials’ judgment. Uniform rule violations will not be enforced if a uniform change is required. However, players should be prepared with a like colored t-shirt or jersey on stand by. The official shall: 1. Stop the game and allow treatment if injured person would affect the continuations of play. 2. Immediately call a coach or other authorized person to the injured player. 3. Apply the rules of the game regarding substitutions, re-entry, and short-handed player if necessary. Time Allotment: 1. An official game shall consist of two (2) 20 minutes halves with a running clock. The running clock stops only for timeouts and during the last two minutes of each half for all whistles. 2. A five (5) minute half time will be observed. 3. All substitutions must check in at the scorer’s table and wait for an official to allow them to enter the game. 4. Overtime: Any game ending in a tie will be continued with a three (3) minute over time. Each team will be awarded one time out per overtime. Time outs do not carry over from the regular quarters. The running clock stops only for timeouts and during the last minute of overtime. Women’s Hoop City League Conduct/Discipline Policy 1. Any player, coach, or manager ejected from any league game will be suspended for a minimum two (2) league games. Suspensions may be longer if the League Administrator deems it necessary. 2. Anyone ejected must leave the facility and grounds immediately or their team will forfeit the game, and must not return until the completion of the suspension. 3. Physical violence, especially attacks on a game or tournament official immediately before, during or after a game or fights/confrontations between players/teams will result in an immediate one (1) year suspension and/or banishment from all W.H.C.league play. 4. The officials have the authority to remove a player, coach, manager or spectator from a game and/or forfeit the game due to unsportsmanlike conduct. This shall include but is not limited to profanity, threats of any kind toward the officials or scorekeeper, fighting (before, during, or after the game), any intoxicated conditions detected by the officials before or during the game, or any flagrant foul as determined by the officials. Technical Fouls 1. Flagrant Technical Fouls- examples: Unsportsmanlike conduct, unsportsmanlike language, etc. Penalty: Two shots and the ball out of bounds. Three (3) flagrant technicals on a team will result in a forfeit of the game. Two flagrant technicals by a player will result in ejection and automatic two (2) game suspensions. Suspensions may be longer if the League Administrator deems it necessary. 2. Regular Technical Fouls- examples: Jewelry, name not in scorebook, dunking during warm-ups, etc. Regular technical fouls will not count against team forfeitures or player eject Referee fees a.W.h.c.l will have One Ref running games! b.Each team will be Required to pay ref fees of $10 per game (wkly) c. Team captains are responsible for collecting teams ref fees!(NO Exceptions) Registration/Refund Policy 1. All registration must be done in person, by phone, by e-mail or on line. All registration forms must be filled out completely and the deposit payment must be made. No Exceptions! 2. Any team being removed from the regular season schedule, for any reason, prior to the completion of the second regular season game may receive a refund minus the per game cost up to that point. 3. A one time $20.00 administration fee will also be charged. Additional Rules 4. No Food or Drinks in the gym at any time.. 5. Only the W.h.c. l official ball will be used during the Game. The W.h.c.l league owner is the Chief Administrator over all basketball rules and can amend or add rules (s) at any time to enhance league play. In the absence of the Athletic Supervisor, the Head Scorekeeper is in charge of the gym and all game rules. Final Standings and Tiebreakers 1.?The final standings for the league will winners of the league championship tournament. 2.?The league championship tournament will be seeded by win/loss records from the eight (7) game regular season. If two of more teams have the same win/loss record, the tie breaker for seeding purposes will be as listed below. 1.?Head to head competition 2. Points scored against. 3.?Points scored. 4.?Point differential 5.?Coin flip. The League owner reserves the right to add or amend any/all league rules at any point during the season if she deems the change to be in the best interest of the league. If you have any questions or concerns during the season, please contact Lakeia May Athletic Supervisor / league owner at (303)272-0642or email: womenshoopcity@gmail.com Let's have some fun out there....!
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