Warwick Fire Fighters Soccer Club: Referee Program

Wednesday, July 4
WFFSC Referee Program

The Referee Program is where the kids have an opportunity to learn how to be a referee. WFFSC has a Referee Coordinator that runs the program. Currently this is Bob Enright (bob.wffsc@yahoo.com).

In order to be a referee one has to take classes to become certified. Classes are taught by Rhode Island Soccer Referee Committee (for schedule and other information go to http://www.risrc.net/). There are different 'grade' levels of certification with Grade 9 being the lowest entry point all the way up to Grade 1 for refs that do professional games. Most kids start with Grade 8 since it covers both Rec and Competitive games in one certification. There is an initial class (typically 12 hours) that provides training on how to be a referee. Then each year referees have to be recertified in a typically 2-hour review class.

Once a person completes the certification, they should contact the Referee Coordinator and provide them with their information. Then the Referee Coordinator will start assigning games. For the kids, they usually start reffing in the Rec program with the U8 games. The coordinator does not place kids in situations where they may be overwhelmed with the responsibility. As the refs mature and gain confidence, then they will be assigned to older games and maybe competitive games as well.

Refs do get paid for their services. Typically the refs are paid by the coaches prior to the game.

Becoming a referee is a great way for kids to learn responsibility and make some extra cash.

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