Warwick Fire Fighters Soccer Club: Spring Player Registration


Player Registration Information for Spring Soccer

The spring soccer program includes both the Recreational Program and the Competitive Program.   

In order to register for Competitive, you must have been told to do so by a coach of the team.

In order to get proper discounts with multiple players, you should register using the Family Account in the gotSoccer database.

If you are coming to WFFSC from another club, you need to request a release from the other club. You can do this using the following link: Permanent Player Release 

Player Registration Steps

  • Read WFFSC Code of Conduct (Go to WFFSC Home Page and then to Handouts and look for Code Of Conduct). Since sportsmanship is a fundamental principle, WFFSC expects all players, coaches, and parents to adhere to the guidelines provided.
  • Open up the electronic registration database using one of the appropriate links given below. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU CREATE A FAMILY ACCOUNT TO MAKE IT MUCH EASIER IN THE FUTURE. 
  • If the player is new, create a new account for the player. If the player is found in the database, you will be asked to use the existing account. If you do not remember the username/password, then click on the "Forgotten your username or password" button and the info will be sent to your email address. 
  • If the player is returning, you should have been sent the username and password for the account. If you do not have it, then you can click on the "Forgotten your username or password" button and enter your email address and the information will be sent to that email account as long as it matches the one established for the account.
  • In order for discounts to be properly applied to multiple players in a family, you need to create a family account and add all the players to that family. On the website given below, there is a button to either Create Family Account or to Login Into Family Account. More information about the Family Account may be found at gotsoccer.com.
  • If you have multiple players to register and one is U6, register that player last so that the discounts will be given correctly. (We are working with gotSoccer to sort out the issues with the determination of fees).
  • Register Rec and Competitive separately.     
  • Once you have registered the first player and have proceeded to the Payment Selection page, then select one of the options. You may pay with credit card (Visa, Discover, or Master Card accepted) or by electronic check. Follow the instructions for the payment method selected.
  • After providing the payment method you may register remaining players. The software will remember the payment option chosen and if it was credit card, it will add to the amount to be deducted. 
  • Use the "Other Notes" and "Special Request" fields to add anything else for the Rec registration such as one friend to play with or possibly moving up to next age division. Please try to limit special requests. WFFSC tries to honor them, but may not be able to do so in all cases.
  • If the registrations include new players for Competitive, be sure to submit the required proof of age, typically a copy of the birth certificate. You should update a copy to your gotSoccer account.
  • If you have problems, send email to bob.wffsc@yahoo.com.

Player Registration for Spring 2014 Soccer Season - Click on one of the following:

Note: Spring Rec Registration is currently closed as teams are being formed. You can register for a Waiting List and players will be placed on teams if there is room. Fees will only be transacted when the player is actually moved to a team. 


RECREATIONAL - Waiting List 


COMPETITIVE - Returning EASY Player Registration



COMPETITIVE - General Player Registration and Family Accounts


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