Warwick Fire Fighters Soccer Club: FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Monday, January 4

Q1: Who is WFFSC?

A1: WFFSC stands for Warwick Fire Fighters Soccer Club. The club was formed in 1984 and is a member of US Youth Soccer League through its affiliation with the state organization Soccer-Rhode Island. WFFSC is a non-profit, all volunteer town club.

Q2: What is a "town club"?

A2: A town club is one that operates 3 programs: 1) Recreational program where all kids, regardless of talent or experience, develop skills and hopefully a love for soccer, 2) Competitive (or Select) program where kids are exposed to a more competitive environment with the formation of travel teams, and 3) Referee program where kids have the ability to learn and become referees.

Q3: What is the Recreational Program

A3: The Recreational Program is where all kids are included regardless of talent or previous experience. All registered players are guaranteed a spot on a team. Teams are formed with balance of talent in mind so that the games are more fun. Teams typically play other in-house teams from WFFSC. WFFSC runs the Rec program in both fall and spring (one of few that offer full Rec in spring). Each team gets to play approximately 8 games. Season for fall runs approximately from beginning of September to end of October. Spring season starts near beginning of April and goes until mid-June. Divisions include U6, U8, U10, U12, and U15.

Q4: How are the age divisions determined?

A4: The "U" means 'under' so that U6 means under-6. This division is made up of all kids who will not turn 6 by the December 31 that occurs during the soccer seasonal year that starts on Aug 1. Best to illustrate using examples. For the 2016/2017 soccer year that starts on Aug 1 2016, the U6 program is for all kids who do not turn 6 prior to Jan 1 2017 (kids born 2011 or later). The U8 program is for kids who do not turn 8 prior to Jan 1 2017 (kids born 2009 or later).  The U10 program is for kids who do not turn 10 prior to Jan 1 2017 (kids born 2007 or later). And so on.

One way to compute the age of the player is to take the year of the spring session and subtract the year of birth and put a 'U' in front of it. So for the 2016/2017 soccer season the spring season is in 2017 so if a child was born in 2007 then subtract 2007 from 2017 and the player would be U10. Next year in the 2017/2018 soccer season the child would be U11. 

Q5: What is the Competitive Program?

A5: The Competitive Program is where the kids are exposed to a high level of competition. Players "try-out" for a team and teams are formed based up the talent levels of the players (selected). The first team will be comprised of the best players that can make that team competitive against other clubs in leagues and tournaments. The Competitive Program is also referred to as the Select Program or Travel Program. Age divisions in Competitive include U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, and U19.

Q6: Where do competitive teams play?

A6: The teams usually start with fall outdoor and then move to indoor soccer during winter. Most indoor teams play at Wide World South in North Kingstown. Some may play at Teamworks in Warwick. Some teams opt for other venues such as Sherwood in Seekonk, Wide World of Indoor Sports in N. Smithfield, or Forekicks in Norwood, Mass. Outdoor teams are formed in January and play in the RI SuperLiga League where they compete against other RI clubs. Most teams also participate in numerous tournaments during the seasons.

Q7: Are teams co-ed?

A7: For Rec, typically all division are co-ed. Many kids play in the Competitive Program so the Rec numbers may not support separate boys and girls teams. For Competitive, the teams are not co-ed in any division, unless there are insufficient numbers and this has to be done to form a team. The actual divisions for the competitive league are girls and co-ed, meaning that if there are any boys on the team, then they will not play in the girls divisions.

Q8: How are players registered?

A8: WFFSC uses the registration database provided by US Youth Soccer. Registration links are made available, when appropriate, on the website. Data is entered about the player and then payment selection is made. Payment may be either by credit or debit card.

Q9: How much does it cost to play?

A9: For outdoor, the cost is $55 for U6 players. For U8 and above, it is $75 for first player in a family, $55 for second player and third player in a family, and $35 for other players in family. For indoor where the club must pay for facilities, the cost is determined by which facility the team is playing. Typical cost for two sessions of indoor is about $250. These fees are subject to change.

Q10: Who are the coaches?

A10: Most coaches are parents that have undergone a commensurate amount of training. For Rec, the training is much less that for the Competitive program. WFFSC has a Director of Coaches who orchestrates the training activities for the coaches. All coaches undergo a BCI (background criminal investigation).

Q11: Who runs WFFSC?

A11: A Board of Directors execute the operations of the club during the year. Once a year there is an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of all members of the club. At the meeting,the previous year is reviewed, and then a new Board is elected for the upcoming year. The Board is comprised of approximately 16 members.

Q12: What is the Referee Program?

A12: The Referee Program is where the kids have an opportunity to learn how to be a referee. WFFSC has a Referee Coordinator that runs the program. Interested kids (usually start about 11 years of age) and adults take classes to become certified. Classes are taught by Rhode Island Soccer Referee Committee (http://www.risrc.net/). Once a person completes the certification, then the referee coodinator will start assigning games. For the kids, they usually start reffing in the Rec program with the U8 games. The coordinator does not place kids in situations where they may be overwhelmed with the responsibility. As the refs mature and gain confidence, then they will be assigned to older games and also competitive games as well. Refs get paid for their services.

Q13: What is the U6 Rec Division and is my child old enough to participate?

A13: The U6 Rec Division is where most kids enter the play of soccer. It is for kids that are 4 and 5 years old as of the previous August 1 date. The preferance is for kids to be at least 4 years old by the start of the season, but will allow some younger kids into the program when the parents feel that the child can handle the practices and games. This usually happens with younger siblings of other soccer players who are anxious to start playing. While coaches will control the play as much as possible there will be incidental contact as the kids all chase the ball so there is some risk of bumping into each other. The focus of U6 is on fun incorporating the use of a soccer ball. Teams are usually between 10-12 players. The teams typically practice Wed at 5:30 for an hour. Games are Saturday mornings and the games are on 2 small fields with goals with 4v4 on each field with a coach on the field directing play. Lots of scoring goals is encouraged. Games are about an hour. Cost is $55 for about 9-10 weeks of practices and games. In the spring the players get a soccer ball and in the fall they get a trophy.  

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