Warwick Fire Fighters Soccer Club: Handouts

Training/Street Soccer

Describes the training and games for the summer training.


Summer Camps

WFFSC Summer Camp is July 25-29.

Kent County Soccer Camp is July 11-15.



2016/2017 Competitive Program Tryouts

Schedule for tryouts for the Competitive Program for upcoming year. Teams will play Fall Outdoor, Winter Indoor, and Spring Outdoor.


Team and Individual Player Photo Schedule Spring 2016 Rec

Here is schedule for when teams and individual photos will be taken for WFFSC Spring Rec.


WFFSC Night At Revs


2016 Spring Rec Schedule


2016 Spring Superliga Documents

Superliga documents

2016 Spring Game Reports2016 Spring Game Reports

NE Revs Voucher

For use by registered Competitive Players for Spring 2016


New Age Matrix to Determine Age Divisions and Teams

US Youth Soccer is changing the cutoff dates for age divisions from Aug 1 to Jan 1. So the age division a player is in will now just be based on the year that they were born. The age matrix is given to provide guidance on the age divisions. The new guidelines will go into affect in Fall 2016.


Info on Sponsoring at WFFSC

How to sponsor a team or have a sign placed at Winslow Park.


Super Liga Club Pass Rules


2015 WFFSC Competitive Program Tryout Information/Schedule

Pre-registration and play-up links are given on the homepage at www.wffsc.org.


2015 WFFSC Summer Camp

WFFSC will run a week-long summer camp in August at the new Winslow complex. Aug 10-14.


New Winslow Park Layout

This is the field layout for the new Winslow Park that is off Lake Shore Dr off Warwick Ave. The park will have its only entrace coming from a new traffic light on Airport Road.



WFFSC U6 Indoor League

A league of only WFFSC U6 teams at Teamworks with games on Saturdays.


WFFSC Playing-Up Policy

This policy defines the process and procedures required in order to have a player move up into one older age division, be it in Recreational or Select Programs. Under no circumstances will a player be allowed to move up more than one age division.


Code of Conduct

Defines expected behaviour of coaches, players, and parents.




WFFSC Select/Competitive Program Overview

Overview of Select Program at WFFSC


Guidelines on Player Ratings

All WFFSC players are rated based on skill level with the intention of forming balanced recreational teams. Guidelines are provided for the ratings.


College Scholarship Program Application

Application for WFFSC College Scholarship. This is for high school graduates (or soon to be graduates) who are attending college in the fall. Board member children are not allowed to participate.


Coach Education Reimbursement Policy

WFFSC recognized the importance of coach education. Any coach that volunteers their time should not have to encumber the full cost of coach instructional classes. The following document defines the reimbursement policy at WFFSC.


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