Weyburn Motocross Association: Welcome

Codie & Mason whip it!


The 2012 MX season is now upon us!

The track is open and memberships/day passes are available at Terry's Yamaha on Gov't Road.  Day passes are available for purchase Monday - Friday and Saturday until noon.

*Note:  It has been brought to the attention of the Weyburn Motocross Association that there have been riders attending our facility without paying their fees or signing the waivers. Please consider this reminder, we are a non-profit, volunteer based club that solely relies on membership/day pass fees to enable us to maintain our facility. Whether you are a local or a visitor, everyone that attends our facility must pay their fees and sign the waivers! There is no exceptions! A list of paid members will be posted at the track. If you are not a current member of our club, you must have a valid day pass visible on your vehicle dash or you will be asked to leave. Repeat violators may be permanently banned from the facility.

Weyburn Motocross Association Board


Important Race Dates

Sunday, September 9th - SCRC Series Race in Weyburn


The track will be closed from Wed, Sept 5th at 6pm until after the races on Sun, Sept 9th.



On Monday, September 3rd we will be having a work-bee at the track for race prep starting at 12pm.

On Wednesday night we will have another work-bee and get the bleachers.

 Meet at Ag society for 6pm.

Gate cleaning and setting up fence is also on Wednesday night.


Dear Day Pass Riders,

The Weyburn Motocross Association would like to thank you for coming to visit our facility. Please be assured in knowing that your generous contribution of $20 goes towards the maintenance and up-keep of our track. It is because of our paying riders, like yourselves that our club is able to keep our track well groomed, safe and fun! Please be sure to sign our waivers upon each and every visit to our track. Thank you.

Waivers and track keys are available at Terry's Yamaha (Mon - Fri and Sat until noon).  Thanks again!

Weyburn Motocross Association




"Life is not a journey with the goal of arriving quietly and safely in one pristine piece...
but a chance to twist the throttle until it sticks full open...
to leap over, slide under or hammer through obstacles...
to look fear in the eye and backhand it in the head...
to skid, slip and stumble across the finish line...
out of gas, leaking oil and sweat...
covered in dirt, and free from regrets."