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Westwood Weather Policy and Cancellations

Westwood Little League does NOT practice or play when wind chill ("feels like") temperatures are below 40 degrees or when rain or wet conditions prohibit safe play. We do NOT practice or play under a severe thunderstorm warning or a tornado warning.

Check http://www.westwoodll.com for advanced cancellation notice. The league will also make an effort to email the coaches in the when there is an advanced cancellation.

In the event of inclement weather (and you have not been notified of cancellation) all players SHOULD report to their assigned field and a game-time decision on play will be made. Coaches are NOT allowed to cancel games. Authorization for cancels will come from the Westwood president, vice-president, safety officer, grounds manager, or field director. Likewise any games that need to be rescheduled MUST go through the Westwood president or vice-president.

In the event of lightning or thunder claps, play is to be suspended immediately on all fields (no finishing of an at-bat or inning). Players and spectators should go to their cars and wait. Play will be suspended until 20 minutes has passed without any additional lightning or thunder claps. Play will only resume once the field director has lifted the suspension.