Westwood Little League: Westwood News: 2014 Intermediate Baseball Division

2014 Intermediate Baseball Division
Westwood Little League is exploring the possibility having a team in the Intermediate division for 2014. The Intermediate division allows a smoother transition from the Major to the Junior division. Since the Intermediate Division overlaps with other divisions, Westwood would like to get an idea of how many players are interested in trying out for this team, as players will be selected by the team's coach and manager.
Here are some specifics to help you determine if your player is interested in trying out for this division:
  • Field size : The field size is in between the Major field and the Junior field, with the mound 50 feet from home plate and bases that are 70 feet apart.
  • Age level: Players that are league ages 11-13 are eligible to attend tryouts.
  • Changes from Major Rules: Leading off, stealing, pick-offs are permitted
Other Info:
  1. Westwood plans on having one team.
  2. All games will be against teams within our district so EXPECT to travel.
  3. Techentin field will be our home field.
  4. Players in the Intermediate League are allowed to play in more than one division for which they are the appropriate league age.
  5. Players are All-Star eligible for an All-Star Team within the division for which a player completes 60% of his games.
If you are interested in your child trying out for the Intermediate team, please email wwll.intermediate@gmail.com or sign up for the tryout at on-site registration. Sign-up for tryouts have a deadline of February 14th. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this deadline.
We will post more information as it becomes available!