Westwood Little League: Welcome

Westwood Little League

Westwood Little League is a volunteer run, non-profit corporation that has been serving the community for over 60 years. Each year we operate a Baseball and Softball youth sports program for over 400 children. We do this through the generous support of our sponsors and tireless efforts of our volunteers. If you are new to Westwood little league, “Welcome to our family” if you are an old friend, “Welcome back”.

Westwood 2016 Board Positions

Westwood is a volunteer organization. Its success relies on a tremendous group of people willing to donate their time and effort. This year we had 500 players participate in Westwood Little league! Managing that many players, the Westwood facility, and all operations associated with Little League takes all the volunteer effort Westwood can get.

Below is a list of the different board positions. If you would like more information on a given position or the responsibilities of a board member please email us (westwoodll.mi@gmail.com).

Vice-President Baseball
Vice-President Softball
Grounds Manager
Players' Agent
Player Development Coordinator
Concession Manager
Umpire Coordinator
Information Officer
Equipment Manager
Safety Officer
Coaching Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator
Sponsorships and Grants

We are determining the 2016 board at this September’s annual meeting. We would like to have a list of all nominees by September 3rd. If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone else for one of these positions please send an email to westwoodll.mi@gmail.com with the subject 'Board Nomination'. If you do nominate someone else, we will contact the nominee to verify his/her interest.

Fall Baseball & Softball

Westwood Weather Policy and Cancellations

Approved bats for use in Little League Baseball & Softball