West Warwick Soccer Association: SRI CONCUSSION POLICY

Thursday, September 11

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Soccer Rhode Island

Concussion Policy

If a referee stops a game due to a player(s) having received contact to their head(s),

the player must be removed from the game immediately and will not be allowed back

into the game. On the Referee's Game Report, the referee will note the player's name

and number along with a report of the incident. The player cannot return to play in a

SRI sanctioned event until a doctor authorizes that the player is able to play. The

doctor's authorization note must be forwarded to SRI. It is the coach's responsibility to

monitor the health and safety of his/her players. The referee at times may be

obstructed and not have vision of an incident. If the coach feels that a player has been

injured and could have a potential concussion, the coach should get the referee's

attention and ask for the player to be removed from the game.