West Warwick Soccer Association: Competitive Soccer

Thursday, May 25

Wednesday, March 1

Competitive Tryouts for the 2018/2018 Season - June 2018

Monday, May 1
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

·         When are tryouts?

o   Tryouts for the 2018 season took place June 24th.  Contact competitivecoord@westwarwicksoccer.org if you missed tryouts.



·         What should I bring to tryouts?

o   Players participating in tryouts should wear soccer appropriate clothes (shoes & shin guards) and bring a ball.

§  Players are NOT allowed to wear a WWSA competitive jersey

·         What is the cost?

o   There is NO cost to tryout, and all players interested in playing at a more competitive level are encouraged to attend.

o   If selected for a team, there are costs for uniforms (if you don’t already have one) and for registration.  The amount differs from team to team and is based on the number of players selected.

§  Approximate Winter Indoor Cost: approx. $ 200  per session, includes indoor practice

§  Approximate Spring Outdoor Cost: approx. $ 100

·         What if I can’t attend tryouts?

o   Sign-up AT tryouts and complete the excuse form indicating the reason.  These forms will be reviewed and approved on a case by case basis at the league meeting.  If approved, the Player Agent/Competitive Coordinator will review the player’s playing history and rank the player accordingly (may involve observing the player in a recreational game situation)

·         Can I tryout if I don’t live in West Warwick?

o   Yes, but your selection is limited to the number of distinct towns that are represented by the team.  Each team is limited to a maximum of five towns.  

·         Can I tryout if I play for a “premier” team?

o   Yes, but your selection is based on the division that the coach decides to enter.  Certain divisions limit the number of “premier” players that can play on one team.

·         Can I play outdoors in the Spring if I don’t play indoors in the Winter?

o   Yes, before each session (two indoor sessions and one outdoor session) the coach must create their team based on the competitve rankings from the tryouts.  

·         Who do I contact with specific questions:

       o  competitivecoord@westwarwicksoccer.org