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West Warwick Basketball League

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West Warwick Basketball League
Steve Lawton
90 Juniper Drive
West Warwick, Rhode Island
Monday, September 27
RIYBA Information

This web site will list all the teams involved in the RI Youth Basketball Association.

This web site will show all upcoming tournament throughout the state

This web site will post schedules of tournaments rather than wait for someone to e-mail them to you.

This web site will post winners of each tournament, be a tool for you to contact opposing coaches for scrimmages, etc.

RIYBA 2012 - 2013

 RI Youth Basketball Association Tournament Rules and Guidelines

Rhode Island High School rules apply (unless noted below)   

Age and Roster: *     Age deadline is August 31st.  All players’ birth certificates are to be turned in to the scorer’s table at the beginning of the game and will remain there until the end of the game.  If asked and coach does not have birth certificates, game will be played but considered a forfeit..NO EXCEPTIONS!*     No dual rostering of players within the same tournament.  *     Team Limit - Twelve (12) players 

Time: *     Running time Sixteen (18) minute halves *     Clock will stop during all shooting fouls and the last Three (2) minutes of each half. (Tournament official reserves the right to implement the mercy rule which allows the clock to continue to run the final 3 minutes of the game if 1 team is leading by more than 20 points)*     Halftime will be five (5) minutes. 

Timeouts: *     Three (3) timeouts per game (timeouts may be carried over to the 2nd half and into overtime)  Overtime: *     Overtime will be Two (2) minutes - Stop time*     One (1) additional time out will be given to each team for the overtime period 

Foul Shots: *     1 and 1 on 7 team fouls per half (Note: clock will remain stopped throughout foul, see RI rule)*     2 shots on 10 team fouls per half (Note: clock will remain stopped throughout foul, see RI rule) 

Full Court Pressure: *     No full court press in 9 year old divisions except the last Three (3) minutes of the game and overtime*     Mercy Rule - If point differential is Twenty (20) points, leading team cannot apply full court pressure. 

Miscellaneous: *    All Girl Divisions and Boys 9 & 10 year olds will use basketball size (28.5)*    All other Boys Divisions will use basketball size (29.5)*    Two (2) technical fouls by a player/coach they will be removed from the gym and for the remainder of the tournament*    No AAU teams*    CYO teams are permitted to participate in RIYBA events so long as they meet the residency rule*    Eligibility based upon recreation program participation and eligibility*    First round black out accommodations only


West Warwick Basketball League
West Warwick Basketball League

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