West Warwick Basketball League: RIYBA Information

Friday, October 31
RIYBA Information

RIYBA Logo.jpg                        www.riyba.com

RIYBA stands for RI Youth Basketball Association. This web site will list all the teams involved in the league as well as show all upcoming tournament throughout the state, post winners of each tournament, be a tool for you to contact opposing coaches for scrimmages, etc.

RIYBA 2014-2015 Rules

 RI Youth Basketball Association Tournament Rules and Guidelines

Rhode Island High School rules apply www.nfhs.org (unless noted below)


RIYBA Membership

Basketball organizations wishing to join RIYBA must have representation of at least 3 teams. They must agree to abide by the rules established by RIYBA for RIYBA tournaments. They will be subject to dues and fees imposed as agreed by the membership.

Each organization has the opportunity to host a tournament.

Each organization is allowed one vote in membership matters.

While out of state teams can play in RIYBA tournaments, only RI organizations can become members of RIYBA. (9/14)



Tournaments are organized and managed solely by individual member organizations within RIYBA.

Member organizations collectively agree to abide by RIYBA rules and guidelines in administering these tournaments and submit themselves to RIYBA’s general oversight of these rules and guidelines.

As RIYBA does not participate in these tournaments in any way, RIYBA is not responsible for any inappropriateness, mismanagement, negligence, injury, or any other wrong-doing that may occur in any individual tournament, and as such, is not liable for penalty or remedy in such matters.


RIYBA State Championship:

Eligibility: Only teams from RIYBA organizations are eligible for the RIYBA state championship tournament.

Teams must play in a minimum of 4 RIYBA tournaments to be eligible for the RIYBA state championship tournament. (9/14)



Coaches are mentors and role models for the players they coach. They are also ambassadors of the organizations that they represent. RIYBA expects coaches to comport themselves with these truths in mind. Sportsmanship, integrity, and appropriate manner toward opponents and referees are required.

In cases of inappropriateness by a coach, RIYBA reserves the right to discipline the coach up to and including dismissal from coaching teams in RIYBA tournaments.

If a coach is ejected from the game for any reason, that coach shall not be allowed to return to any remaining games in that tournament. Additionally, that coach’s organization will pay $100 fine to RIYBA. Incidents must be reported to RIYBA by the host organizations.

Only two (2) coaches, including the head coach are allowed on the team bench during games.

Only one (1) coach may be designated to stand and address referees during games.



Referees are hired by individual organizations for their tournaments, and may or may not be RI Board Certified Referees.

Referees represent the highest authority in officiating games and are to be respected by players, coaches, and fans.

Referees enforce the rules set forth by RIYBA, and have the authority to remove players, coaches, and/or fans from the game or premises in order to keep the game safe and respectful for all participants.

No RIYBA organization director or coach may referee a team from his/her program at a tournament which their organization is hosting. (9/14)


Parents and Fans:

Admission to tournaments, whether purchased or not, is a privilege and a revocable license and may be withdrawn anytime at the discretion of the tournament management representative(s). Your admission may be refused or revoked without refund for reasons including, but not limited to the following:

? Obvious abuse of alcohol or other intoxicants

? Fighting, taunting, or any action that may harm or endanger others in the facility.

? Abusive or foul language and obscene actions.

? Any behavior resulting in the disruption of the game.

? Any other conduct deemed to be beyond the bounds of reason for a spectator attending a youth sporting event.