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Wednesday, April 29
2015 Summer League Questions

Commonly asked questions:

Where do I find my game schedule: Your coach will have a schedule for you. he will pass out at 1st game or at practice if he chooses to have one prior to the start of the season.

When does the league start?   Week of June 29th

What nights are the games played?  We play Mon-Thur (no weekend games).

What are the times of the games?  5:30pm, 6:30pm, 7:30pm and 8:30pm

Where are the games played?  We play on 3 outdoor lighted courts.  2 courts are located at Riverpoint Park (1 Hay Street, WW) and the 3rd court is located behind Masie Quin Elementry School ( 1 Brown Street, WW).

How do I know which division to put my child in?  We offer 6 divisons.  Instructional Division for girls & boys ages 7-8yrs old who play on a 8 1/2' basket; Girls 9-12 Division, Girls 13-16 Division; Boys 9-10 Division; Boys 11-13 Division and Boys 14+ Division. 

How will I know which team I am on?  Coaches will contact you by the June 22nd.  Coaches are responsible of getting a game schedule to you either a printed version or an electronic copy.  This is on your coach. 

Can I request a specific coach or have my child play with a friend?  We do our best at honoring requests.  However, with 450+ kids it is impossible to make everyone happy. We like to say we honor ALL REQUESTS at the younger level (Instructional, Boys 9-10 and Girls 9-12).  The older division is more difficult but we do our best.

Do you have to be from West Warwick to play in this league?  NO.  Obviously we give kids from WW 1st chance and try to accomodate all kids form WW interested in playing.  We also have kids play from towns such as  Coventry, Scituate, Newport, Hope, EG, Ponagansett, Foster, Smithfield, Providence, Jamestown, Riverside, EWG, Warwick, NK and even a few from nearby Connecticut.  

What if my child plays football or in another league, can we miss games?  No problem, everyone misses games in the summer as families have alot going on.  Not a problem what so ever.  Just communicate with your coach.

Who coaches the teams?  Volunteers.  Most are parents who have a child in the league.   A couple are kids who went through our program and want to give something back and coach a younger brother or sister. 

Are there playoffs?  Yes, all teams make the playoffs.  For divisions with more than 8 teams we split up the playoffs into 2 brackets -Gold and Silver.  Top teams play for Gold championship and bottom teams play for Silver championship.  All winners get a T-shirt for winning.

For more info call Steve @ 826-8132 or e-mail at slawton1@cox.net