Westside Little League, Santa Rosa,CA: Scorekeepers Resources

Who Are the Scorekeepers?

Westside Little League Scorekeepers are all volunteer parents who dedicate their time and efforts to keeping track of team statistics for their Little League team. Each Minor, Major, and Junior team needs a minimum of one parent to serve as a volunteer scorekeeper.

Like umpires, scorers cannot satisfy everybody --sometimes not even themselves. Afterthoughts sometimes contradict original judgments.

The scorer must realize that he or she is passing judgment on the feats and the failures of players of school age, and keep in mind the necessity of encouraging the players. The Little League scorer has to use good and impartial judgment, even if he or she is affiliated with one of the teams in some way.

Scoring is a means of compiling a record of what happens during the progress of a baseball game. It is an engaging pastime that makes spectator involvement with a ball game much more enjoyable. For people involved in Little League -- parents, managers, coaches, fans, as well as Official Scorekeepers -- it is a must.




Handout: WSLL Scorekeepers Resources

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