Westside Little League, Santa Rosa,CA: Bat-A-Thon

Bat-A-Thon is here!
Hey everyone, it's that time of the season
when we all hit up our friends, families and bosses and watch our kids hit home runs!
   * * ** Bat-a-thon© is here!  ** * * 
Saturday, April 26th at Wright Charter School
Below is the batting schedule and volunteer shifts.  As you can see we need A LOT of help to pull this off.  This year we scheduled all the volunteer shifts (in blue and yellow on the chart) so that you will be working before your team hits.  This way no one will miss it when their kids hit those home runs!!  If you can't work when your team's volunteer shift is scheduled - NO PROBLEM - you can request a different time slot!  Please contact your manager or team parent to let them know what you'd like to do.

2014 Bat-a-thon Schedule

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