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Saturday, June 21
What do I do with my player's jersey???


If you are on a Junior, Major or Minor team and have not yet turned in your player's jersey please contact your manager or our Equipment Manager, Nate Logsdon, at  fishon16@gmail.com, to get it turned back into the league. 

We try to keep costs down by reusing our jerseys that are still in good shape. 

Thanks for your assitance!

Sorry Fido...
Dog in swing


Yes, the rumor is true...as cute as you are, Fido, you have to stay home.

According to state and local laws, there are no dogs allowed on school grounds during practices, games and major events.  The only exceptions are licensed and registered therapy dogs wearing official therapy vests or harnesses. 

Don't worry, Fido, I'm sure your owner will bring you a ball!


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