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Sorry Fido...
Dog in swing


Yes, the rumor is true...as cute as you are, Fido, you have to stay home.

According to state and local laws, there are no dogs allowed on school grounds during practices, games and major events.  The only exceptions are licensed and registered therapy dogs wearing official therapy vests or harnesses. 

Don't worry, Fido, I'm sure your owner will bring you a ball!


Volunteer pic
Many hands make light work!

Volunteers make it all happen!

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From President of the Board of Directors to the people who work in the Snack Shack - everyone in this league is a volunteer parent or guardian.

We need all kinds of help...scorekeepers, help with field maintenance, BBQers, you name it.  If you see it at a game or practice, it's done by a volunteer. 

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Let us know you can help by contacting a Board Member or

you can even let your manager know how you'd like to pitch in. 

We can't do it without people like you!



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