Westside Little League, Santa Rosa,CA: League News

Elections for the 2015 Board of Directors is here!


  Will you help out and become a member of our 2015 Board of Directors? 


step up to the plate


The 2015 baseball season is starting soon! 


We need people who will volunteer to make this league happen. 

Everything from Opening Ceremonies to the Ice Cream Social is planned by volunteer board members. 

We have lots of kids that are counting on us to put together a great 2015 season. 

 What do you say? 


baseball saying  


Sorry Fido...
Dog in swing


Yes, the rumor is true...as cute as you are, Fido, you have to stay home.

According to state and local laws, there are no dogs allowed on school grounds during practices, games and major events.  The only exceptions are licensed and registered therapy dogs wearing official therapy vests or harnesses. 

Don't worry, Fido, I'm sure your owner will bring you a ball!


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