Westside Little League, Santa Rosa,CA: Welcome

Picture Day at Roseland Creek Elementary School 1683 Burbank Ave Santa Rosa in the Multipurpose Room




Coach Name Division Arr Pictures
  Giants   Junior 8:30AM 8:45AM
  Angels Matthew Earnshaw Minors 8:30AM 8:45AM
  Yankees Jason Dooley Minors 8:30AM 8:45AM
  A's Kevin Santos Minors 8:45AM 9:00AM
  Cubs Justin Zuiderweg Minors 8:45AM 9:00AM
  Diamond Backs Mike Fleming Minors 8:45AM 9:00AM
  Dodgers Jerome Arterberry Minors 8:45AM 9:00AM
  Tigers Tyrone Cox Minors 9:00AM 9:15
  Giants Calvin Smith Minors 9:00AM 9:15
  Royals Jason Dooley Majors 9:00AM 9:15
  Athletics John Perry Majors 9:00AM 9:15
  Yankees Lorenzo Martinez Majors 9:15AM 9:30
  Orioles Casey Russell Majors 9:15AM 9:30
  Giants Joe O'Campo Majors 9:15AM 9:30
  Cubs Jesus (Chui) Suarez Majors 9:15AM 9:30
  Dodgers Jesus (Chui) Suarez Rookies 9:30AM 9:45
  Orioles James Stiles Rookies 9:30AM 9:45
  Yankees Unknown Rookies 9:45AM 10:00AM
  A's Steve Stiles Rookies 9:45AM 10:00AM
  Giants Ken Villa Rookies 10:00AM 10:15AM
  Red Sox Anthony Ponzo Rookies 10:00AM 10:15AM
  Red Sox Joe O'Campo T-Ball 10:15AM 10:30AM
  Tigers Mike Fleming T-Ball 10:15AM 10:30AM
  Yankees Tim Kay T-Ball 10:30AM 10:45AM
  A's Rachel Gritsch T-Ball 10:30AM 10:45AM
  Dodgers Rich Sweet T-Ball 10:45AM 11:00AM
  Giants Douglas Dunbar T-Ball 10:45AM 11:00AM
Picture Day is set for Sunday March 29th from 8:30am-1:30pm at Roseland Elementary School.  Times for each team will be determined and your manager will let you know. The Make up Day for Pictures will be help on Saturday April 4th from 9-12 by appointment only at the Lifetouch Studios.  Anyone needing to do make up picture will have to call Raquelle at 707-544-1525 and set up your own appointment.      
Thank you to all who came out for Opening Cermonies on Saturday.  We had a great turnout and the kids all had a great time. 


Check back frequently for all the latest Westside news and information throughout the season.
There's LOTS more to come!



Westside Little League Address: P.O. Box 8248 Santa Rosa,CA 95407  

Hotline: (707) 528-2006 

NOTE: Hotline is checked every couple days.  If you have an urgent issue, go to the "Board Members" page and email the appropriate board member for a faster response time.

Next Bord Meeting: Monday, April 6,2015
Time: 6:00pm-7:00pm
Location: Stony Point Christian Fellowship, 4074 Stony Point Rd. Santa Rosa CA, 95407
Sheppard School Community Room (located on the farst side of the large gym)
                  1777 West Ave Santa Rosa, Ca 95407

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Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Mon 4/6 Uniform Monthly Board of Directors Meeting 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM Stony Point Christian Fellowship, 4074 Stony Point Rd. Santa
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