Westside Futbol Association: About Us

The Westside YMCA instituted its soccer program in the late 1970's and was the first soccer program in the state of Arkansas. The program's original director was Tom Hart, who went on to become the United States Youth Soccer Association's Director of Coaching. The YMCA had competitive teams into the 1990's. After a few years in the 1990's without competitive teams, the Sharks '89 team helped to revitalize the Classic soccer program at the Westside YMCA in 2000. Since 2000, the YMCA has added six more competitive teams who have accumulated eight state championships and finalist trophies. Each year, the YMCA has brought additional teams into the Classic program and now offers both boys and girls teams in most age groups from U11 to U16. All Westside coaches are appropriately licensed and undergo background checks. Most have played soccer at some level and/or have many years of coaching experience.