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Greater West Shore Baseball League: 2014 Season Teams  


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11-05-14 11:26 AM
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Greater West Shore Baseball League
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
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T Ball
| West Fairview Pirates | Cedar Cliff Cubs | Cedar Cliff Padres | Cedar Cliff Cardinals | Cedar Cliff Pirates | Cedar Cliff White Sox |

| West Fairview Reds | Cedar Cliff Giants | Cedar Cliff Nationals | Cedar Cliff Rangers | Cedar Cliff Yankees | Cedar Cliff Braves | Cedar Cliff Rays |

Majors American
| Upper Allen Dodgers | Upper Allen Phillies | Upper Allen Pirates | Upper Allen Rangers | Upper Allen Rockies |

Majors National
| Cedar Cliff Brewers | Cedar Cliff Orioles | Cedar Cliff Marlins | Cedar Cliff A's | West Fairview Cubs |

Minors - Upper Allen
| Upper Allen Bandits | Upper Allen Blue Claws | Upper Allen Chukars | Upper Allen Senators | Upper Allen Iron Pigs | Upper Allen Snappers |

| Cedar Cliff Phillies | Cedar Cliff Red Sox | Cedar Cliff Mets | Cedar Cliff Tigers | Cedar Cliff Mariners | Cedar Cliff Dodgers | West Fairview |

Majors - New Cumberland
| New Cumberland Yankees | New Cumberland A's | New Cumberland Phillies | New Cumberland Pirates | New Cumberland Orioles |

Greater West Shore Baseball League
Greater West Shore Baseball League

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