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Greater West Shore Baseball League: All-star Process  


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04-17-14 10:45 PM
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All-Star Process

All-Star Process
Greater West Shore All-Stars

Cedar Cliff & West Fairview

Intent: The All-Star Committee is a subcommittee of the Post Season Committee. This policy shall define the GWSBL rules related to the annual All-Star participation as it relates to the selection of managers, players, tournaments, etc.

The following Associations will participant jointly in All-Star competition:

Cedar Cliff Youth Baseball and West Fairview

(CCYBA or West Fairview have the right to play within their own Association anytime or year. Notification to the other Association must be made. Usually happens at 7U level)

The All-Star Committee will consist of one representative from each participating Association with the exclusion of CCYBA will have two representatives. An Association will have voting privileges only at the age level that it participates during the Regular Season.

Committee Responsibilities:

1. Select Managers for each level of All-Star participation.

The levels are:

6 and Under

7 year-old

8 year-old

9 year-old

10 year-old

11 year-old

12 year-old

Committee will notify all interested Managers of the outcome of the selection.(The Manager will be selected by April 30th of each year.)

2. Review and approve the team rosters as submitted by the All-Star Manager.

3. Order uniforms that are consistent in style and color for all age levels.

4. Managers will identify potential tournaments and provide to the Committee and this information will include dates.

5. Registration of each team into selected tournaments will be done by the Coaches Association.

6. To make sure all GWSBL All-Star teams have a practice field.

7. Each Manager will provide an official form that parents must sign for their kids to be on All-stars. Basically, this form will state that parents will not interfere with the coach during practices and/ or games. The coach has final say on where each player plays and how much playing time based on each tournament rules.

Manager Selection: The All-Star Committee will solicit interest in managing All-Stars at GWSBL’s mandatory coach’s meeting held in early April. Anyone interested in managing should attend that meeting. After the Committee has the list of potential managers, it will vote for a Manager at each level. The voting will conclude no later than April 30th of each year. The All-Star Committee will meet with the approved Manager in the early May time frame to see how he is progressing with the team selection process. The Committee will approve the Manager’s roster recommendations.

Manager Responsibilities:

1. Select assistant coaches with the intent to involve multiple Associations.

2. Actively evaluate potential all-star talent throughout the season. Committee suggests all of the following methods: a) gather names and statistics of recommended players from regular season managers and coaches, b) attend regular season games at that age level c) hold optional practice sessions throughout the season for potential All-Stars. Usually Sunday afternoons are good days for these practices. Such practices should not interfere with regular team events.

3. Inform potential player’s parents of the commitment required for All-Star participation.

4. For the All-Star Committee review and approval, provide a recommended roster of the All-Star team.

5. Notify all parents whose sons were considered for All-Stars to inform them of the outcome of the team selection. Both players that did and did not make the team should be contacted.

6. Gather birth certificates for players selected to the team. Associations may be able to help with this.

7. Set schedule of practices.

8. With the assistance of the All-Star Committee, select tournaments for participation.

9. Attend each tournament meeting to understand the rules and schedule for each tournament

10. Make sure the team has the equipment needed to compete in tournament

Team Selection Rules: (Participation rule): A player must be in attendance of at least 75% of GWSBL regular season games. Exceptions must be approved by the All-Star Committee.

Age Rule: A player must play within his “baseball age” -- that is the age he has attained as of May 1st. If a player played at a different level during the regular season, he still is only eligible to participate in All-Stars at the level of his baseball age. Any exception to the rule requires a request given to the GWSBL All-Star Committee for approval. This can be only be done by the Manager of team the player is requesting to play on. Consent of this action must be given by both the All-Star Manager of the age group the player is leaving and the All-Star Committee. The only exception to this rule is at the 11 & 12 year old ages. The reason is due to other commitments players have at this time of the year.

Every attempt should be made to include players from each GWSBL Association. It is recommended that each team roster a minimum of 10 players.

Field practice/scrimmages: Each age group will be assigned a field for practices and scrimmages during the weeks leading up to and during All-Stars season. Field needs during the regular season games and GSWBL playoff games will take priority over All-Star practices or scrimmages.

7 year olds- Pete Field or Hempt Pony Field-Middle field at Hempt complex

8 year olds- Church Field

9 year olds- Hempt Field

10 year olds- Mustang Field or Hempt Field or West Fairview Field

11 year olds- Mustang or Wert Field or West Fairview Field

12 year olds- Wert Field or West Fairview Field

Field changes can be made at the request of any coach but must be submitted to the All-Star Committee for approval. Each Manager is to abide by the home Association’s field rules as it relates to maintaining the field after practice or games, i.e., covering, dragging the field after practices/games. The respective home Association is responsible to maintain the fields in playing order for our All-Star teams.

Potential Tournaments: Tournaments in which GWSBL teams have participated in recent years are listed below. This listing is to serve as a starting point for tournament selection consideration. Tournaments conducted by GWSBL Association members should be given first priority.

Age 6 & 7 West Fairview & New Cumberland

Age 8 Marysville & Upper Allen & E-Town

Age 9 New Cumberland & Wormleysburg

Age 10 Upper Allen & Linglestown & Hershey & E-Town

Age 11 Wormleysburg & Susquehanna Valley & Halifax

Age 12 E-Town & Susquehanna Valley & Hap's Boyer Central Penn

Greater West Shore Baseball League
Greater West Shore Baseball League

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