Elite Soccer Trainings: Private Training Sessions

Private Training Sessions

Do you feel you’re not getting enough one on one attention in your team’s training sessions?

Do you have trouble motivating yourself?

Do you want to take your training to the next level but simply don’t know how?

Do you have certain areas of your game that you want to improve?

Do you need a little help achieving your goals?


Parents, we all know you’ve spent countless hours and dollars ensuring your child has the best chance of progressing their Soccer career. You’ve been through it all: Speed Conditioning, Team Practices, Academy Sessions, Strength and Power Classes, Nutrition courses, and much more. They are all valuable, there’s no sense denying that, but wouldn’t it be more beneficial if your child could attend a training session directly tailored to their needs; in a setting where they could get one on one attention. Personal soccer training is that solution. It’s a better investment of your money, your son or daughter’s time, and more importantly their future.

Elite Soccer Training works to provide you with high quality individual training sessions that not only fit your needs, but are conducted at a location and time that is convenient for you. Sessions are conducted by top level soccer coaches with credible coaching experience. If you are interested in or having more questions about Elite Soccer Training Sessions please contact:

Carlos at elitesoccertrainings@gmail.com


Each Training Session will follow a similar format, unless agreed otherwise by the trainer and athlete:

30 minute session 

5 minutes (Warm Up)
5 minutes (Fitness & Conditioning with soccer ball)
15 minutes (Soccer Specific Training)
5 minutes (Cool Down)

1 hour session 

10 minutes (Warm Up)
10 minutes (Fitness & Conditioning with soccer ball)
30 minutes (Soccer Specific Training)
10 minutes (Cool Down)



Personalized Elite Soccer Training Programs

Personalized Elite Soccer Training Programs

Most players have the potential to be great, but few ever achieve this greatness. Elite Soccer Training programs are a great way to take your game to the next level. Our training programs offer you the discipline, direction, and motivation you need to improve all areas of soccer player development. Players can choose to have a program designed for one, two, or three month periods (other desirable program lengths can be negotiated).  Players will then have a choice to select the amount of days they wish to train, obviously if you’re really serious about becoming a great player you can train every day. Or maybe you’re a very busy person and can only train 2 or 3 days a week. Whatever your case, a program can be designed to fit your needs. Players will then be asked to select several categories they wish to improve (mental, tactical, technical and physical) or they could simply ask to have a program designed to cover all aspects of being a “complete player”. 

Benefits of a Customized Training Program:

Improved Technical Skills

Improved Physical Conditioning

Improved Tactical Knowledge

Improved Self Confidence

Improved Mental Awareness

Become a “Well Rounded” Player 

 Session Costs 


Basic PackageCost:  $30 per sessionWhat you get: 1x½ hour session (individual only)


Single Sessions Cost: $60 per sessionWhat you get: 1 x 1 hour sessionNotes: If you are still on the fence about signing up for a monthly package or want to get a feel for the training you will be receiving before you sign up for a monthly package.

Monthly Package 1 – One Session per WeekCost: $230 per Month (Save $10)What you get: 4 x 1 hour sessions

Monthly Package 2 – Two Sessions per WeekCost: $460 per Month (Save $20)What you get: 8 x 1 hour sessions

Monthly Package 3 – Three Sessions per WeekCost: $640 per Month (Save $40)What you get: 12 x 1 hour sessions

Train with a Buddy?

Would it be more convenient if you trained with a friend, teammate, brother, or sister? This package is directed at players who have siblings, friends, or teammates also participating in Elite Soccer Trainings individual training sessions. We realize that sometimes it may be more convenient to have both individuals attend one session together. However, for players to get the most out of these training sessions we do recommend the one on one training sessions.

Referral Program:

If a registered client (someone currently participating in Personal Elite Soccer Training Sessions) happens to refer another individual who signs up for a monthly package. The referrer will receive 1 free training session that they can use against their next month’s payments. There is no limit on the amount of players an individual can refer. Approximate Value: $60