west niagara invitational soccer tournament: Past Results

Semi finals and final scores from prior years
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NOTE: Results of ALL games played at the most recent West Niagara Tournament are posted (by division in the HANDOUTS section) herein.

2001 (Boys)
U-10s OD Semi(1) Flamborough Flames vs Waterloo Thunder 1:0
U-10s OD Semi(2) Oakville Xtreme vs Burlington Lightning 2:0
U-10s OD Final   Flamborough Flames vs Oakville Xtreme 1:0

U-10 OD Semi(1) Dixie Blue Devils vs Waterloo Thunder 3:1
U-10 OD Semi(2) Burlington Muskateers vs Brampton East Chargers 2:0
U-10 OD Final   Dixie Blue Devils vs Burlington Muskateers 3:0

U-11 NAD Semi(1) Waterloo United vs Dixie Stars 0:1
U-11 NAD Semi(2) Mississauga Falcons vs Brantford Strikers 1:2
U-11 NAD Final   Dixie Stars vs Brantford Strikers 3:1

U-12 NAD Semi(1) North York Jets vs Glen Shields Sun Devils 0:1
U-12 NAD Semi(2) Dixie 89'ers vs Burford Mustangs 1:0
U-12 NAD Final   Glen Shields Sun Devils vs Dixie 89'ers 0:3

U-12 OD Semi(1) Oakville Blue Stars vs Niagara Falls 3:1
U-12 OD Semi(2) Mississauga Falcons vs St. Catharines Concord Gunners 0:2
U-12 OD Final   Oakville Blue Stars vs St. Catharines Concord Gunners 4:0

U-13 NAD Semi(1) Kitchener Spirit A vs Oakville Red Devils 1:2
U-13 NAD Semi(2) Erin Mills Eagles vs North London Storm 2:0
U-13 NAD Final   Oakville Red Devils vs Erin Mills Eagles 2:1

U-14 NAD Semi(1) Ajax Gunners vs Mississauga Falcons 1:0
U-14 NAD Semi(2) Glen Shields Sun Devils vs Dixie 1:3
U-14 NAD Final   Ajax Gunners vs Dixie 3:2

U-14 OD Semi(1) Grimsby Strikers vs Clarkson Sheridan Comets 0:2
U-14 OD Semi(2) St. Catharines Concord Olimpia vs Dundas Storm 0:2
U-14 OD Final   Clarkson Sheridan Comets vs Dundas Storm 1:2

U-15 NAD Semi(1) Wexford Terriers vs Ottawa Royals 0:1
U-15 NAD Semi(2) Saltfleet Go-Ahead A vs Brampton Rangers 1:2
U-15 NAD Final   Ottawa Royals vs Brampton Rangers 0:2

U-16 NAD Semi(1) Woodbridge Strikers vs Saltfleet Go-ahead A 3:0
U-16 NAD Semi(2) Merritton Investors Group vs Niagara Falls United 0:2
U-16 NAD Final   Woodbridge Strikers vs Niagara Falls United 1:2

U-17 NAD Semi(1) Erin Mills Eagles B vs Forest United 1:0
U-17 NAD Semi(2) Hamilton Sparta vs Mt. Hamilton Mauraders 1:2
U-17 NAD Final   Erin Mills B vs Mt. Hamilton Mauraders 2:5

U-18 NAD Semi(1) Etobicoke Tigers vs Waterloo United 1:0
U-18 NAD Semi(2) Hamilton Sparta vs Hamilton Serbians 3:0
U-18 NAD Final   Etobicoke Tigers vs Hamilton Sparta 0:1

Total # of teams participating = 132
Largest # of teams allowed per division = 16
Average # of teams preferred per division = 12
Average # of teams accepted per division = 12
Weekend Weather: Sunny/warm, high daytime temperature = 19C(66F)
Average Field Conditions: Good to Excellent!!!

2001 (Girls)
U-10 Semi(1) Oakville Phantoms vs North Mississauga Twisters 4:0
U-10 Semi(2) Burlington Explosion vs North London Dynamo 1:0
U-10 Final   Oakville Phantoms vs Burlington Explosion 2:0

U-11 Semi(1) Oakville Shadow vs Kitchener Spirit 1:2
U-11 Semi(2) Glen Shields Sun Devils vs Mississauga Dixie Saints 1:3
U-11 Final   Kitchener Spirit vs Mississauga Dixie Saints 1:0

U-12 Semi(1) Kitchener Spirit vs North Mississauga Avalanche 4:0
U-12 Semi(2) Niagara Falls Lightning vs Burlington Storm 1:4 (ot)
U-12 Final   Kitchener Spirit vs Burlington Storm 3:0

U-13 Semi(1) Buffalo Premier FC vs Whitby Iroquois 0:1
U-13 Semi(2) Kitchener Spirit vs Oakville Dynamite 2:0
U-13 Final   Whitby Iroquois vs Kitchener Spirit 1:2

U-14 Semi(1) Hamilton Sparta vs Oakville Phoenix 0:2
U-14 Semi(2) Nepean Hotspurs Lightning vs London United Force 1:2
U-14 Final   Oakville Phoenix vs London United Force 2:1

U-15 Semi(1) Oakville Explosion vs Pickering Lone Star Rangers 1:2
U-15 Semi(2) Dixie Dominators vs Burlington Blizzard 3:1
U-15 Final   Pickering Lone Star Rangers vs Dixie Dominators 0:3

U-16 Semi(1) London Byron Optimist vs North Mississauga Rebels 2:1
U-16 Semi(2) LaSalle Stompers vs Oakville Rebels 0:1
U-16 Final   London Byron Optimist vs Oakville Rebels 0:1

U-17 Semi(1) North Mississauga Rebels vs Burlington Villans 3:0
U-17 Semi(2) Unionville Milliken Strikers vs Dixie Stars 2:1
U-17 Final   North Mississauga Rebels vs Unionville Milliken Strikers 1:0

U-18 Semi(1) Hamilton Sparta vs Woodbridge Strikers 2:1
U-18 Semi(2) West Rouge Rockets vs Etobicoke 2:0
U-18 Final   West Rouge Rockets vs Hamilton Sparta 5:0

U-19 Semi(1) North York Cosmos (CSL) vs North Mississauga Panthers 2:0
U-19 Semi(2) Lincoln Cheetahs vs Kitchener Spirit A 0:1
U-19 Final   North York Cosmos (CSL) vs Kitchener Spirit A 0:1

Total # of teams participating = 94
Largest # of teams allowed per division = 16
Average # of teams preferred per division = 12
Average # of teams accepted per division = 12
Weekend Weather: Sunny/cloudy mix, high daytime temperature = 15C(59F)
Field Conditions: EXCELLENT!!!

2000 (Boys)
U-10s Semi(1) Dixie Blue Devils vs Kitchener Spirit    5:1
U-10s Semi(2) Chingacousy Chargers vs Waterloo Thunder    1:2
U-10s Final    Dixie Blue Devils vs Waterloo Thunder    9:0

U-10 Semi(1) Oakville Blue Stars vs Niagara Falls Wolverines    7:1
U-10 Semi(2) Chingacousy Fireballs vs Burlington Strikers       4:2
U-10 Final    Oakville Bluestars vs Chingacousy Fireballs    3:0

U-11 Semi(1)   Oakville Blast vs Brampton Cavaliers    0-2
U-11 Semi(2)   Burford Mustangs vs Hamilton Sparta    4:0
U-11 Final    Brampton Cavaliers vs Burford Mustangs    6:3

U-12 Semi(1)   Oakville Red Devils vs Waterloo Lightning    1:2
U-12 Semi(2)   Erin Mills Eagles vs North London Storm    1:3
U-12 Final    Waterloo lightning vs North London Storm    1-2

U-13 Semi(1)   Mississauga Falcons vs North Mississauga Wolves 3:1
U-13 Semi(2)   Glen Shields Sun Devils vs Mount Hamilton Wildcats    5:2
U-13 Final    Mississauga Falcons vs Glen Shields Sun Devils    2:0

U-14 Semi(1)   Brampton Rangers vs West Rouge Firebirds    2:0   
U-14 Semi(2)   Kitchener Spirit vs Wexford Terriors    2:1
U-14 Final    Brampton Rangers vs Kitchener spirit    0:1

U-15 Semi(1)   Ajax Warriors vs Clarkson Comets    0:1
U-15 Semi(2)   Wexford Wolves vs Saltfleet Go-Ahead    1:4
U-15 Final    Saltfleet Go-Ahead vs Clarkson Comets    2:0

U-16 Semi(1)   Mount Hamilton Marauders vs Erin Mills Eagles    0:3
U-16 Semi(2)   Chingacousy 84 vs Hamilton Croatia    4:1
U-16 Final    Erin Mills Eagles vs Chingacousy 84    1:2

U-17 Semi(1)   Burlington Bulldogs vs Chingacousy Snipers    0:1
U-17 Semi(2)   Cambridge United vs Hamilton Sparta    0:2
U-17 Final    Chinacousy Snipers vs Hamilton Sparta    1:2

U-19 Semi(1) Branford Bics vs Kitchener Spirit    2:3
U-19 Semi(2) C.S.C Mississauga vs Oakville Thunder    0:2
U-19 Final    Kitchener Spirit vs Oakville Thunder    0:1

Total # of teams Participating = 124
Largest # of teams allowed per division = 16
Average # of teams per division = 12
Weekend weather: sunny/warm, high daytime temperature 22C (70F)
Field conditions: EXCELLENT!

2000 (Girls)   
U-11 Semi(1) Mississauga Falcons vs Oakville Storm    1:0
U-11 Semi(2) Kitchener Spirit vs North Mississauga Avalanche    3:0
U-11 Final    Mississauaga Falcons vs Kitchener Spirit    0:1

U-12 Semi(1) La Salle Stompers vs North Mississauga Devils    2:0
U-12 Semi(2) Burlington Kontakt vs Ajax Warriors               0:1
U-12 Final    La Salle Stompers vs Ajax Warriors    1:0

U-13 Semi(1) Oakville Phoenix vs Burlington Ice    1:0
U-13 Semi(2) Scarborough United Magic vs North Mississauga Wild Cats    3:1
U-13 Final    Scarbourough United Magic vs Oakville Phoenix    1:0

U-14 Semi(1) Niagara Falls Lightning vs Oakville Explosion    2:0
U-14 Semi(2) Waterloo Flames vs Dixie Dominators    3:0
U-14 Final    Niagara Falls Lightning vs Waterloo Flames    0:1

U-15 Semi(1) Oakville Angels vs Sudbury Canadians    2:0
U-15 Semi(2) Oakville Rebels vs Rochester Ravens    2:1
U-15 Final    Oakville Angels vs Oakville Rebels    4:1

U-16 Semi(1) Dixie Stars vs Riverside Express    3:0
U-16 Semi(2) North Mississauga Strikers vs Oakville Strikers    0:1
U-16 Final    Dixie Stars vs Oakville Strikers    2:0

U-17 Semi(1) Hamilton Sparta vs Oakville Impact      1:5
U-17 Semi(2) Niagara Falls Express vs Etobicoke    3:0
U-17 Final    Oakville Impact vs Niagara Falls Express    1:0

U-18 Semi(1) Milton Magic vs Kitchener Spirit    2:0
U-18 Semi(2) Oakville Extreme vs Burlington Impact    2:0
U-18 Final    Milton Magic vs Oakville Extreme    1:0

U-19 Semi(1) Burlington Thunder Boltz vs North Mississauga Panthers    0:2
U-19 Semi(2) North York Cosmos vs Ajax Wildcats      2:1
U-19 Final    North Mississauga Panthers vs North York Cosmos    0:2

Total # of teams Participating = 74
Largest # of teams allowed per division = 12
Average # of teams per division = 8
Weekend Weather: Sunny/Cloudy mix, windy and cool, high daytime temperature = 10C (50F)

1999 (Boys)
U-11 Semi(1) Mississauga Falcons vs Kitchener Spirit   2:1
U-11 Semi(2) Erin Mills Eagles vs Waterloo Lightning   0:2
U-11 Final   Mississauga Falcons vs Waterloo Lightning   2:1

U-12 Semi(1) Mississauga Falcons vs Kitchener Spirit   8:1
U-12 Semi(2) Glen Shields Sundevils vs North Mississ. Wolves   4:0
U-12 Final   Mississauga Falcons vs Glen Shields Sundevils   6:5

U-13 Semi(1) Brampton Eagles vs Kitchener Spirit   1:3
U-13 Semi(2) Mississauga Falcons vs Niagara Falls "A"   2:0
U-13 Final   Kitchener Spirit vs Mississauga Falcons   0:2

U-14 Semi(1) Hamilton Sparta vs Niagara Falls "A"   1:0
U-14 Semi(2) Ajax Warriors vs Unionville-milliken   1:4
U-14 Final   Hamilton Sparta vs Unionville-milliken    0:1

U-15 Semi(1) Malton Red Devils vs Southest United   0:3
U-15 Semi(2) Brampton Eagles vs Erin Mills Eagles   1:0
U-15 Final   Southwest United vs Brampton Eagles   2:1

U-16 Semi(1) Chingacousy Snipers vs Brampton Eagles   3:0
U-16 Semi(2) Uruguay United vs Dixie   1:0
U-16 Final   Chingacousy Snipers vs Uruguay United   0:2

U-17 Semi(1) Erin Mills Eagles vs C.S.C Mississauga 1:3
U-17 Semi(2) Brantford Bics vs Chingacousy   2:1
U-17 Final   Brantford Bics vs C.S.C Mississauga   3:2

U-19 Semi(1) Saltfleet Go-Ahead vs Kitchener Spirit   2:3
U-19 Semi(2) Brampton Eagles vs London United   2:3
U-19 Final   London United vs Kitchener Spirit   2:1

Total # of Teams Participating = 101
Largest # of Teams Allowed per Division = 16
Average # of teams per division = 12
Weekend weather: Sunny/warm, high daytime temperature = 24C (75F)
Field Conditions: EXCELLENT!!

1999 (Girls)
U-12 Semi(1) Oakville Storm vs Oakville Rockets   3:1
U-12 Semi(2) Woodstock Bombers vs Burlington Ice   1:0
U-12 Final   Oakville Storm vs Burlington Ice   2:1

U-13 Semi(1) Burlington Blast vs Pickering Lone Star Rangers   1:0
U-13 Semi(2) Niagara Falls Lightning vs Scarborough Scorpions   3:0
U-13 Final   Burlington Blast vs Niagara Falls Lightning   1:0

U-14 Semi(1) Oakville Angels vs North Mississauga Rebels   4:0
U-14 Semi(2) London Shooting Stars vs Burlington Rage   0:1
U-14 Final   Oakville Angels vs Burlington Rage   1:0

U-15 Semi(1) North Mississauga Strickers vs Hamilton Sparta   1:0
U-15 Semi(2) Dixie Hearts vs Pelham Rockets   5:0
U-15 Final   North Mississauga Strickers vs Dixie Hearts   0:2

U-16 Semi(1) Hamilton Sparta vs Niagara Falls Vixens   3:1
U-16 Semi(2) Windsor F.C. Nationals vs Teutonia '83s   4:1
U-16 Final   Hamilton Sparta vs Windsor F.C. Nationals   1:2

U-17 Semi(1) Ajax Wildcats vs North York Cosmos   3:0
U-17 Semi(2) Lincoln B.S.G Storm vs Kitchener Spirit "A"   3:2
U-17 Final   Ajax Wildcats vs Lincoln B.S.G Storm   4:0

Total # of Teams Participating = 72
Largest # of Teams Allowed per Division = 16
Avarage # of teams per Division = 12
Weekend Weather: Sunny/Hot, high daytime temperature = 31C (88F)
Field Conditions: EXCELLENT!!

West Niagara Invitational 2000, U17 boys