West Hartford Magic: Welcome

Sunday, January 16
Founder & President Fernando Morales


Care for adolescents as a guide and mentor and to share my basketball expertise derived from 17-plus years of experience with them. My intention is to teach them loyalty, respect and honesty on and off the court. My mission is to help them become better athletes who play the game of basketball.


Offer a positive and reinforcing experience for beginning basketball players.

Develop a strong sense of self-pride and self-respect that comes from focused sacrifice, channeled efforts and personal successes. Teach players the process of setting and attaining goals. To provide intensive but appropriate instruction in basketball fundamentals on an individual team and team basis for the beginning and intermediate skill level player.

Encourage young athletes to maintain good physical condition, healthy lifestyle habits, and to seek intellectual excellence.

Encourage personal development, self-pride, a strong positive attitude, and to develop a will to succeed on the basketball court and in all of life’s endeavors.

Solicit commitment and support for one another on a family, team and club basis.

Provide the best coaching available and to explore non-traditional methods of instruction and demonstration.


  *Last and Final Schedule!!!!! 4/17/2014- 2:39pm


 Looking for seasoned coaches for our upcoming season...

   If You're Looking for a Different Experience Come Join Our Program    Fernando Morales fmorales0818@yahoo.com 860-478-3322



            West Hartford Magic will be hosting 2 Tournaments in 2014

Spring Jam April 19/20 over 65 teams last year Sanction#4KCTBA1035

Summer Jam June 7/8 over 90 teams last year Sanction#4KCTBA1037

                              Boys and Girls grade 4th thru 12th 

                Teams from MD,BOSTON,NJ,NY,RI,NH,CT,ME,PA,VA


This year's coaching staff includes former Division I and Division II college players. In addition, Coach Chris covered the NBA professionally for over 10 years and shares his expert and intimate insight into the world of professional basketball.  We guarantee your child - who adds his or her own 100% effort to the experience - will improve their skills, whether for competition or greater enjoyment of the game. 

Join us and see why the West Hartford Magic teams is a great experience!



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