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Monday, April 3
West Hanover Baseball & Softball on-line store (Now Open)

Tuesday, April 11
Major Schedule 2017

Handout: Major Schedule

Tuesday, April 11
Minor Schedule 2017

Handout: Minor Schedule

Tuesday, April 11
Tee-Ball Schedule 2017

Handout: Tee Ball

Tuesday, April 11
Date for the upcoming Season

Opening Day is on April 22nd 10:00 am location will be at Major field behind West Hanover Elementary school. (7740 Manor Dr, Harrisburg, PA 17112)

Picture day is on the May 20th location will be at Major field behind West Hanover Elementary school. (7740 Manor Dr, Harrisburg, PA 17112)



10am - 10:20am

T - Ball Chris Albright Red

T- Ball Jeff Miller Yellow

T - Ball Brad Schreiber

Black 10:20am - 10:40am

T - Ball John Thompson Light Green

T - Ball Scott Long Orange

T - Ball Gary Milbrand Dark Blue

10:40am - 11am

T- Ball Bernard Colone Light Blue

T - Softball Adam Reynolds Red Youth Sports Photo's

8 U Softball Dave Moreland Pink Witmer Restoration

11am - 11:20am

8 U Softball Keith Foltz Red JoJo's on 22 Intermediate -

Baseball Micklewright Royal Blue

Baseball Ordanoff Navy

11:20am - 11:40am

10 U Softball Dave Lock Green Mt. Laurel Community Park

Minor - Baseball Mark Foster Green Minor -

Baseball Justin Hevel Royal Blue Mt. Laurel Catering & Events

11:40am - 12pm

14 U Softball Dave Moreland Blue Lehigh Defense Major -

Baseball Dale San Martin Green Valley Ag & Turf Major -

Baseball Jason Zeppuhar Royal Blue


Thursday, March 17
West Hanover Store is now open!

West Hanover families, In partnership with E-Town Sporting Goods, we have opened an online spirit wear store to supply you with all the gear you’ll need to support your young players for the upcoming season. The link below will take you directly to the store. Simply choose the item (or items!) that you would like, select the size and color (all team colors are available!), and the appropriate logo (Logo A for Baseball or Logo B for Softball). This store will remain open for purchasing items through April 1st. At that time, all orders will be processed and shipped directly to you (approximately 2 – 3 weeks after the close of the store).


The link above will take you directly to the ETown Sporting Goods website. Then click the shopping cart icon on their homepage to browse their online stores. Look for the West Hanover logo and click there to open our store. 

Friday, January 6
2017 West Hanover Board Members

President: Mike Yutesler, michael.yutesler@volvo.com

Vice President: Bryan Hoyt, bryanhoyt34@gmail.com

Treasurer: Ed Olivieri, ecjo@msn.com

Softball Commissioner: Dave Moreland, morejd@aol.com

TBall Commissioner: Brian Lehan, dandblehan@gmail.com

Midget Commissioner: Mike Yutesler, michael.yutesler@volvo.com

Teener Commissioner: Bryan Hoyt, bryanhoyt34@gmail.com

Sponsorship / Fundraising Coordinator: Shawn Curry, shawn@shawncurrylaw.com

Equipment Coordinator: Dale San Martin, wtslayer1@yahoo.com

Concessions Coordinator: Dave Moreland, morejd@aol.com Scott McManamon, smcmanamon@fultonbank.com

Communications Coordinator: Brian Lehan, dandblehan@gmail.com

Tuesday, March 17
Patriot News - WH Baseball & Softball

A West Hanover Township Supervisor disagreed with West Hanover's Park and Recreation chairman during ball field fee negotiations on Monday night, but in an unexpected way. West Hanover baseball.jpg 
Parks and Recreation Chairman Jeff Holt presented township supervisors with proposed contract renewal for the West Hanover Baseball/Softball Association to pay $2,500 for the use of township fields this season.
Supervisor Don Steinmeier said the association shouldn't pay anything.
"People pay their taxes to support these fields. Charging them another $2,500 to use them is outrageous," Steinmeier stated.
Holt said he negotiated the initial contract during a past term as president of the baseball/softball association and considered it a "win-win situation" for both parties. Before that, the association actually paid more in field maintenance costs.
Supervisor Chairman Adam Klein motioned to accept the contract renewal, but it quickly failed because no one else on the board moved to seconded it.
"What do we do now?" Parks and Recreation Coordinator Dixie Fesig asked.
Supervisor Jay Megonnell said that he didn't have a problem with the $2,500 fee. What he did have a problem with, he explained, was "all the fields being tied up" by the baseball/softball association.
"If somebody else wants to use the fields, they can't," Megonnell said.
Fesig said residents are welcome to reserve the fields whenever they're not in use by the baseball/softball association.
"It only becomes an issue about 10 times a year," Fesig noted.
Megonell made a second motion to accept the contract proposal, which the supervisors approved in a 3-1 vote.
Steinmeier voted against the proposal. Supervisor Gloria Zimmerman was absent
According to the township's website, Houck Memorial Park on Florence Drive is the primary location for the West Hanover Baseball/Softball Association's program.
The 6.5-acre facility includes a teener field; a Babe Ruth field; two midget fields; and two concession stands.
The baseball/softball association also uses fields at the Houck Manor Park directly outside of the township's park and recreation center on Walnut Street. The park is owned by the West Hanover Township Fire Company but is leased to the township for the baseball/softball program.
Holt said that the baseball/softball association has around 300 youths playing on 20 teams.

Friday, June 5
West Hanover Parks & Rec department

The West Hanover Parks & Rec department recently approved a tow away zone on Minute Road (back road by the guard rails and minor field). The signs should be going up within the next 2 weeks. Once the signs are up they will tow cars that are parked there. This is a result of neighbors complaining about their mail boxes and drive ways being blocked and cars being parked on their grass. So, if you typically park on Minute Street for practices or games, please start parking at the school or in the gravel parking lot by the senior teener field. I apologize for the inconvenience but there is nothing we can do about this at this point.

If you have any questions or concerns about this please contact West Hanover Township  

Thanks, West Hanover Baseball & Softball

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