West Hancock Titan Wrestling Club: Welcome

Welcome to the home of the


Practices will be in the Hamilton Jr High School gym on Monday and Thursdays.  All youth (boys or girls) ages 8 & under will practice at 6:00 pm and ages 9 through 8th grade will practice at 7:00 pm.  Practice will be in Warsaw during the last week of each month as soon as a schedule can be confirmed.  Registration forms will be available at the beginning of practices so plan to come in and complete for your wrestler.

I regretfully inform you that we feel we have no choice but to cancel the 2011 West Hancock Tri-State Rumble.  As most of you are aware we have received a ruling from the IKWF stating that any wrestler participating in an unsanctioned event during the 2011-2012 wrestling season shall be deemed ineligible to participate in the 2012 state wrestling series.  We do not wish to put our own wrestlers nor the wrestlers of any other team at risk of this penalty.  We have chosen not to sanction this tournament due to the fact that our location draws half of our participants from Iowa who would be excluded from a sanctioned tournament.  We sincerely hope that you will understand our difficult decision but we feel it is the right one for everyone involved.  We have not processed any payments to date and any registrations that we have received or will receive will be shredded and disposed of securely.  We thank you for your generous support for our club in the past and wish you the best for the remainder of this year's wrestling season. 

Check out our Album pages to see our wrestlers in action.  Everyone has worked very hard last year and it definitely showed! 

Please try to check back often as we will try to keep this site up-to-date as possible.  If you have any suggestions please feel free to contact one of the coaches or administrators - we appreciate any and all input!