11U Westfield Rocks Travel Baseball: Welcome

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Westfield 11U Rocks Travel Baseball Updates 




**Congratulations Rocks - 2013 Runner-up at the

ABYA Father's Day Tournament and Fall Creek Tournament


Upcoming Dates


Season Complete - thanks for a great season!


Travel Baseball Tryouts:  Saturday, August 3 from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM at Shamrock Fields

Other 11U Rocks Information: 
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-Travel Baseball Player/Parent meeting information listed below:

Expectations:  We are all in this together.  It works better if we have a partnership and know our roles.                   


1.       No talking when the coaches are talking – listen with your eyes and ears on the coach

2.       When a coach asks you to do something you do it without talking back – No excuses

3.       Hustle all the time – play hard

4.       Respect the game (dugout, field, etc.)

5.       Treat our opponents with respect

6.       Look sharp – hat on correctly facing forward, uniform clean and tucked in from car until you return to the car after the game      

7.       Cheer in the dugout, support your teammates in the field and at bat, communicate       

8.       If a player is taken out or sits because of behavior, I will let parents know immediately.  A player will be taken out immediately if he argues or questions an umpire or is disrespectful to a coach.                                          

Have fun, get better, become better people, compete – all the Rocks way    


1.       Teach the players to respect the game of baseball and to do things the right way

2.       NEVER argue with umpires – head coach will be the only one to address an umpire

3.       Teach them the Westfield way of playing baseball.  We will be prepared with practice plans and learning goals for the players

4.       Be positive at all times, winning will be a by-product of what they learn

5.       We will help them learn all the details of baseball

6.       We will respect them as players and treat them fairly – I can promise you that we will care for them and we want the best for them

7.       We will help them become better people by covering life lessons through baseball

8.       Coaches will have roles


1.       One job – be positive and cheer for your kid and the team

2.       No questioning of umpires – EVER – help the head coach work the game

3.       Westfield will be viewed as a class organization – we will encourage both teams

4.       Coaches coach between the fences (including the dugout), do not coach your son from the bleachers (kids throwing to wrong bases based on what is shouted from the stands, kids looking up into stands while at bat or in the field, etc.) There needs to be one voice and that comes from a coach.  

5.       Parents are not allowed in the dugout except for injury.  Please refrain from hanging by the dugout and giving the kids advice during the game – that is the job of the coaches.  Let the coaches coach – you encourage.  They don’t need to hear it from 6 different people and it becomes consfusing for them.

6.       I enjoyed watching you play – that should be the focus of the ride home in the car

7.       That doesn’t mean you can’t work on things together – ask them if they want to work on things.      

8.      Positive in stands regarding other kids – all kids are trying to do their best                                                                           

If you have concerns, let me know.  If you see things they need to work on, let me know.

Philosophy: Kids need to learn how to play the game the right way, the skills to work on, learn how to compete, and have fun.  Being on a team helps them in school by knowing more kids.  They learn how to be a good teammate.  We have a chance to teach them much more than baseball.  I want to make sure all still want to play baseball and have the skills to be successful. 


-In season - will have a plan, 2 times a week in the spring depending on the game schedule

-Indoor practice season starts on Friday nights in December at WHS MPIF

-Practice on your own with your son

-Schedule – tentative plans – done by second weekend in July – 45-50 games, 4-5 tourneys (4-5 games per tourney) Mainly stay around Central Indiana, 1 weekend of travel to larger tourney.  We will not play on Memorial Day weekend.

Budget: Approx. $500-$600 including uniform.

Playing time: -All can’t play SS, pitch, etc., but they will play multiple positions.  All won’t bat first, but they all will bat.  We will teach them the skills for all of the positions and they will play there when we feel they are ready.  All will have an IF and OF position.  Players will not play equally in IF or OF, but I will do my best to make sure all kids playing time in total is as equal as possible.

-We will follow a strict pitch count for our pitchers