Western Wildcats: Welcome

Monday, November 15

The 2011-2012 Western Season is upon us. It's time to come together again and scrub the rust off our skates, tape up the sticks and get ourselves ready to take to the ice. Let's build on what we accomplished in the spring and last year's FSHL season. You all learned to play together and what it would take to win as a young team. Be ready for hard work and bring your HEART, DESIRE and ATTITUDE and kick some ICE out there this year. GO WILDCATS!!!!

New news has been posted on the My News Page. Sponsors have been added to the sponsor page with links to their own web sites. Thanks to the sposors for helping out this season!!  The link page has been updated with our first link and the message board is up and running with a new board. Feel free to post on the message board.

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Hockey Game