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"Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better." - Pat Riely


Join our boys as they raise money for cancer research

Friday November 22, 2013  5:15pm Cypres Bay High

basketball photo basketball.gifGames

11-18 Everglades at Western

11-19 Ft Lauderdale at Ft. Lauderdale

11-25 Piper at Piper

12-02 McArthur at Western

12-04 South Plantation at South Plantation

12-06 Nova at Western

12-10 Cooper City at Cooper City

12-12 Piper at Western

1-06 Taravella at Taravella

1-08 South Planataion at Western

1-13 Cooper City at Western

1-15 Cypress Bay at Cypress Bay

1-17 Stranahan at Western

1-21 Cypress at Western

1-24 Plantation at Plantation