West End Little League: Q Award Winners

West End Little League's Quality Sportsmanship Award was established in honor of Quentin Klein (12/14/1989-7/8/1999), West End Little League's Guardian Angel.

"You could not find a young man who better demonstrated the ideals of sportsmanship than Quentin. Not only was he encouraging, supportive and a leader with his own teammates, he was also quick to applaud and encourage his opponents. In victory or defeat, Quentin was happy to be playing the game he loved with his friends". (9/22/1999 Board Memo from Paul Parker in establishing the Q-Award).

The Q-Award is given annually to players, coaches and managers who exemplify a true spirit of sportsmanship and love for the game of baseball. West End Little is most proud of the following recent recipients.


2017 Q-Award

Major Leage Coach - Omar Bitar

Major League Player - Jacob Brocato

Minor League Coach - Lan Phelan

Minor League Player - Aiden Morrow

Single A Coach - Jon Newton

Single A Player - Cane Paschal


2016 Q-Award

Major League Coach – Kevin McClory

Major League Player – Caleb Wilson

Minor League Coach – Gates Gardner

Minor League player – Carter Mouton

Single A Coach – Kevin Malouf

Single A Player – Kain Tinney


2015 Q-Award

Major League Manager - Kevin Webb

Major League Player - Braylon Keys

Minor League Manager - Angel Godina

Minor League player - Valeria Alfaro

Single A Manager - Gaile Henry

Single A Player - Will Naas


2014 Q-Award

 Major League Manager - Robert Lyons

Makor League Player - Cameron Simpson

Minor League Manager - Brandon Brocato

Minor League player -  Sam Worley

Single A Manager - Vince Rinando

Single A Player - Caden Madigan 


2013 Q-Award

Major League Manager: Ty Badon

Major League Player(s): Joshua Capps

Minor League Manager: Gary Reinholt

Minor League Player(s): Hunter Gonzalez

Single A Manager: Richard Knox

Single A Player: Sam Montalbano


2012 Q-Award

Major League Manager: Mike Bennet

Major League Player(s): Zach Sherman

Minor League Manager: Phillip Smith

Minor League Player(s): Josh Taunton

Single A Manager: Terrell Wilson

Single A Player: Kyler Harrington

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