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Monday, January 11
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Registration Days

Saturday July 26th and August 2nd

9am-12pm Board Room


If you would like to manage and take a team for this Winterball Season please make sure you complete the following items listed below and then receive a confirmation email from the president that your request was received.

Manager Request Process:
1. Complete and email the volunteer application to wcgs_president@hotmail.com

2. Email subject: Manager Request for Division - Your Name
3. Include in your request message the number of players you have committed on your team
4. Indicate how many returning and new players to the league you have
We will be approving managers on a first come first serve basis, so please submit your request as soon as possible.

I would like to keep Game scores updated on website.
Both team managers Home & Visitors or
team mom please email me at
the game score right after your game. 

Thank You.


 Barbara Espinoza barb2e2004@yahoo.com626-626-935-5313


 Ruben Quioz raiderruben@gmail.com


 Vanessa  Lizzeraga


 Rudy Bravo rudyb415@verizon.net



 HS (16u-18u)

Joseph Kaitangian kaitangianjr@yahoo.com

"I say this to my players all the time...I'm never gonna get upset at you about a mistake. I'm gonna get upset at you for makin' the next mistake because you're still thinking about the last mistake."  


ACE Coach Certification

A-chieve: A certain level of knowledge.
C-ertify: To confirm that a coach has obtained a level of understanding over that which he/she has been tested on.
E-ducate: To assist with the gathering of knowledge and information.






 Data CAN be Saved and Emailed .
                                          With Addresses


 XOCHITL GUILLEN xaguillen@msn.com



ATTENTION All Coaches/Team Managers/Team Moms
If you would like us to post your Team Name, Coaches Contact info, or any other information about your team,
please send an email with whatever information you would like posted.
You can email your team info to: xaguillen@msn.com


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