Westbrook Girls Basketball: BOD Meeting Minutes

Westbrook Girls Basketball Booster Board of Directors Meeting – September 15, 2014

Meeting was called to order at 6:34 PM by Joe Aube

Attendees: Joe Aube, Ed Symbol, Betsy Shibles, Sarah Redmond, Rick Wagner & Chris Aube 


·         Sneakers & Socks

o   Approved purchasing sneakers for all HS players

§  Player must be selected to a team to receive sneakers

§  Players/Parents will be asked to sign Sneaker Contract

§  Working with the school to determine contract parameters

o   Approved offering Nike discount to middle school kids attending Boot Camp

§  $115 for sneakers and 2 pair of Nike Elite socks

o   Voted to buy the 2 pair of Nike elite socks from PTS

§  Will not allot money towards other socks not offered by PTS

o   Sizing – PTS will not be doing a sizing

§  We will use last year’s sizes if they still apply

·         If not – players will need to go to a retail store like Dick’s or Footlocker to try on Nike basketball sneakers to determine correct size & give to Joe Aube

·         Lady Blazes Boot Camp

o   Reviewed schedule and verified gyms have been reserved

o   Middle School 5th – 8th grade starts Sunday 9/21

o   High School starts Sunday 9/28

o   Sent flyer to central office to be sent out electronically as part of Thursday folder

o   Encourage people to use the on-line sign-up so we can plan on the number of kids attending

·         Regular Season Concessions

o   Voted to outsource regular season concessions & offered to National Honor Society and the graduating class

§  Presented to those groups on September 10. They’re reviewing it and will give us their decision in the coming weeks

·         Travel Gear

o   Approved purchasing new travel gear for all high school players

§   Player must be selected to a team to receive sneakers

§  Charcoal Gray Hoodie and Sweatpants (open leg) with White and light blue artwork

§  Players will wear gear only during season and when coaches decide

§  Gear will be turned into coach after the season

§  Seniors will receive their gear at the banquet

·         Tip-off Shirts

o   Approved long sleeve T-shirts for first game of the season

o   Will receive them at a tip-off dinner at Mr. Bagel on December 4

o   Players will wear shirts under travel gear for games

o   Color and design not yet finalized

·         Amato’s

o   Approved selling Amato’s passes as this year’s fundraiser

§  Each player will be expected to sell 10 individually and 4 during the blitz

·         Roster Board

o   August 25 - Voted to invest $1000 in a roster board for the gym

§  The school has been asked to purchase the board

§  The vote is a contingency should the school say no

§  Getting pricing for a board from Welch Signage

§  Board will be for boys and girls – the boys boosters have been asked to pay half

·         Season Sponsorships

o   Developed 4 levels of season sponsorships

§  Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze

§  Created form letter to send to local businesses to ask for sponsorships

·         Apparel Catalog

§  Approved for 2014 - Targeting Christmas & scaling down option from last year

§  This year = a pullover, short/long sleeve T-shirts and pajama bottoms

·         Middle School Travel League

o   Approved $300 for a middle school team’s entry fee into the Cape Elizabeth Travel League

o   Although MS kids &parents are not supposed to be part of booster activities, in return we have asked for their assistance with concessions during the SMAA-WMC Challenge 

·         December Poker

o   Approved a poker tournament at Mr. Bagel on December 13.

§  Projected Revenue $600

·         SMAA – WMC Challenge

o   Verifying the school is covering the clock, scorebook and the door

o   We will be running concession for just this tournament & will need volunteers

o   Finalizing T-Shirt design - design will be the same with different color scheme

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